Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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This quiz is about the lives of the Golden Trio when they were older and about Ginny, the ONLY one from the Silver Trio, when she was older.

  • 1
    So.... what is Harry’s youngest kid’s name? Notice I didn’t say boy.
  • 2
    What house is Lily Potter in?
  • 3
    What is Albus Potter’s middle name

  • 4
    Imagine: What if YOU were Albus Potter? Who did you meet in the trolley? P.S. It can’t be Hermione’s or Ron’s children.
  • 5
    What is Hermione when she is older? Meaning: What is her JOB?
  • 6
    How long can you be in one period of time in the Time Turner?

  • 7
    Where is the Time Turner hidden? In the Ministry of Magic
  • 8
    Who is Scorpius’s mother?
  • 9
    What year was Scorpius born?
  • 10
    Who does Scorpius and Albus meet that has the last name Diggory but is secretly EVIL? (Trick Question)

  • 11
    Who is Voldemort’s wife?
  • 12
    What color hair does Albus have?
  • 13
    What house does Harry want Albus to be in?
  • 14
    When Albus and Scorpius change Cedric’s first move, what is the day that celebrates something HORRIBLE?
  • 15
    What is Scorpius called after he and Albus change Cedric’s second move?
  • 16
    Last but not least, what is Albus’s birth year?

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