Draco Malfoy: How Drastic an Obsession?
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Draco Malfoy: How Drastic an Obsession?

Are you one of the millions of girls all over the world who share the common obsession of Draco Malfoy? Do you want to find out how far you'd go just to get a piece of his shirt? Well anyway, take this long, strenuous (not really) questionnaire, and discover the extent of your fixation.

Question 1:Do you prefer to call Draco some sick, warped, twisted pet name (yes) or, just simply Drakie-Baby-God (no)? LOL
Question 2:Do you ever just wish you were in Slytherin because of Draco? ::oh God yes::
Question 3:Does the fact that your favorite colors are silver and green have anything to do with Draco?
Question 4:Do you often stare dreamily at your desktop picture of the beauty, unconsciously praying that he’ll apparate to you? ::lip quivers in faith::
Question 5:Do you ever fall asleep and dream of this occurrence?
Question 6:Do you often defend Drakie when he is being mocked until the wrongdoer runs away crying? :: snickers evilly::
Question 7:Do you stick up for the Dark Lord despite your friends’ comments due to the bias that that’s what true Slytherins (Draco-lovers) do?
Question 8:When all your friends are talking about their school crushes, do you look away and snicker, thinking Draco in “The Chamber of Secrets” is more of a man than they’ll ever be…
Question 9:When your friends are describing how far they’ve gone with a boy, do you turn away laughing hysterically, comparing them to your own fantasies, before realizing they’re not real… ::sniffle, sniffle… is it because of the violent longings???::
Question 10:Do Daniel Radcliffe photos make you queasy?
Question 11:Do you read fanfictions with Draco Malfoy in them, just for the vivid imagery? ::blushes looking at favorites list::
Question 12:Do you have a toolbar icon labeled Draco? :: looks guiltily away after grinning broadly at control panel::
Question 13:Are pure white ferrets your new favorite animals?
Question 14:Did you burn all pictures of Emma Watson when you discovered photographs of her and Drakie together at movie premieres? ::sobs, say it ain’t so…please…sobs…runs away crying…later, when all senses regained, glares in anguish::
Question 15:The Big Question: Draco Malfoy (as portrayed in the movie---yes), or Tom Felton (in general—no)?

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