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How Much Do You Remember About Tom Riddle?

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There are a lot of quizzes out there about Harry Potter, but literally none about Tom Riddle, who I think is an amazing and complex character of J.K. Rowling's. See how much you remember about Tom Riddle!

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    What is Tom's uncle's name?

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2159 days ago
The first horcrux is actually the diary. This was made 13th June 1943 (via Moaning Myrtles death). The ring was his second horcrux made in August 1943 (via his fathers death). This can be verified on the HP wikia and many other sources. Tom himself stated he placed his 16 year old self in the diary and he didn't kill his father (making the ring) until december when he was 16 (turning 17 soon as it was his birthday month) . Therefore the first horcrux is definitely the diary.
2739 days ago
Incorrect. He asked Slughorn about horcruxes during a Slug Club event. That was after his friends had left.
2790 days ago
I thought the first horcrux was the diary too, but when you think about it, it had to be the ring because dumbledore said he thinks the first murder Tom performed was his father and grandparents. and when he asked Slughorn about horcruxes, he was already wearing the ring, so it is likely he already made one and was just asking so he knew if he could make others. the diary was probably next. and yeah they were at a Slug Club meeting when he asked about them and gave him the crystallized pineapple
2809 days ago
In question number 6, it asks: What did Tom ask Slughorn about during a potions lesson?
The correct answer is horcruxes;however, the question is incorrect. Tom asked Slughorn about horcruxes after his Slytherin friends had left Slughorns office after a little gathering.
2817 days ago
One of the questions is wrong. The first horcrux made was his diary.