Harry Potter- Fantastic beasts and where to find them quiz

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Based on Newt Scamander’s book called “fantastic beasts and where to find them”. Test you knowledge about magical creatures and magizoology. Only for those who have actually READ the book. Very detailed and complex questions asked. NO CHEATING.

  • 1
    When was Newton Artemis Fido Scamander (the author of the book) born?
  • 2
    What was Newton Scamander responsible for in 1947?
  • 3
    What are the 3 types of magical creatures mentioned when explaining what a beast actually is?

  • 4
    The Greek dark wizard and also parselmouth who first discovered the basilisk was _________?
  • 5
    Dried Billywig stings are believed to be a component in which of these popular sweets?
  • 6
    Why have centaurs, merpeople and unicorns been given a rating of XXXX (Dangerous/ requires specialist knowledge/ skilled wizards may handle)?

  • 7
    Erklings are elfish creatures with a pointed face and a high-pitched crackle. Where did they originate from?
  • 8
    How many eggs do Fairies lay at a time? And where can those eggs be found?
  • 9
    Glumbumbles produce a melancholy- inducing treacle. This treacle is used as an antidote to the hysteria produced by eating ________?
  • 10
    The unicorn is a beautiful beast found through out the forests in northern Europe. It is ____ as a foal and turns ______ right before maturity; it then becomes ______ when fully grown. The blanks represent the colors Pure White, Gold and Silver. In what order would these colors be (according to text)?

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