Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia Quiz
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Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

You think you know Harry Potter? PAH!

Question 1:What color and pattern are Ron's pajamas?
Maroon and striped.
Red and spotted
Red and floral
Maroon and Paisley

Question 2:Who asked Hermione FIRST to the Yule Ball?
Neville Longbottom
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Victor Krum

Question 3:What makes the draught of living death?
a Bezoar and a pinch of Pensieve
Aconite mixed with chopped Wolfsbane
Powdered Root of Asphodel and an infusion of wormwood
Unicorn Horn and sliced Boomslang skin

Question 4:What is the actual name of the thing that Fluffy is?
Er... a big three-headed doggy?
A Cerberus
A Gargoyle
A Veela

Question 5:How many out of the four Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers (not including Snape) were NOT out to hurt Harry?
all four

Question 6:What is Hagrid's mother's name?

Question 7:Who wrote "Magical Theory"?
Bathilda Bagshot
Adalbert Waffling
Miranda Goshawk
Emeric Switch

Question 8:Who is the ghost of Ravenclaw?
Moaning Myrtle
The ghost of Rowena Ravenclaw, duh.
Ursula K. Le Guin
The Grey Lady

Question 9:Which finger did Peter Pettigrew lose?

Question 10:Who is Hermione's soul mate? (You had BETTER answer right!)
Ron Weasley
Victor Krum
Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter

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