Harry Potter
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Harry Potter

I warn you this is kind of hard! But if you can't take it, click 'back' and change all your answers(That's what I always do!) if you don't do so good! Well, take this quiz and challenge you knowledge of Harry Potter! <|8) <um. that's Harry!

Question 1:Fill in the blank: Sir Nicholas De _____-______
I thought that guy's name was 'Nearly Headless Nick'!

Question 2:What did Malfoy use on Harry that was a 'Tickling Charm'?
'Avada Kedavra!'

Question 3:When Sir Cadogan directs Harry, Ron, and Hermione to their first Divination class, what does Ron say after he leaves.
"Yeah we'll call you,"..."if we ever want to get lost five times!"
"Yeah we'll call you,"..."if we ever need someone to tell us 2+2=8."
"Yeah we'll call you,"..."if we ever need someone whose had a little too much pumpkin juice."
"Yeah we'll call you,"..."if we ever need someone mental."

Question 4:Here's a tough one: What did Lupin's Boggart change into for Dean Thomas?
a banshee
a mummy
a severed hand

Question 5:What kind of popcicle did Harry get when he went to the zoo with Dudley and Piers?
an entire knickerbocker glory

Question 6:What did Dennis Creevey think Beuxbaton's flying horse drawn carriage was at first?
a dragon
100 flying broomsticks
a blimp
a flying house

Question 7:What did that idiot, Malfoy call poor Buckbeak?
a smelly ole' oaf
a hippo with wings
a great ugly brute
an ugly pea-brain

Question 8:(This one's really E-Z!) Fill in the blanks: His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled _____, His hair is as dark as a blackboard, I wish he was mine, he's really ______, The hero who conquered the Dark Lord
grass hopper, not Harry but that hottie Orlando Bloom!
pine tree, a banshee
jar of rellish, backward
toad, devine

Question 9:Professor Grubbly-Plank took over as a sub for who?
Professor Snape
Professor Lockhart
Professor Lupin
Professor Trelawney

Question 10:What does the Imperiis Curse do?
extreme pain
instant death
complete control over someone's body

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