The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Collection Quiz
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The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Collection Quiz

I'll take you through 30 questions starting with Harry's origin and ending with the dramatic ending of Order of the Phoenix!

Question 1:Okay, first we'll start off with Year 1. What was its name again?
Philosopher's Stone
Sorceress's Stone
Goblet of Fire
Chamber of Secrets
Sorcerer's Stone

Question 2:Well, we first see Dumbledore on Privet Drive. It's nighttime and it's really SCARY! When he confronts the cat, it turns into---
Rubus Hagrid
Rubeus Hagrid
Nicolas Flamel
Professor McGonagall

Question 3:10 years later. Harry lives with his stupid aunt and uncle and his fat cousin, Dudley. They leave for the zoo, and reluctantly bring Harry. Why did they bring him?
He would've torn up the house.
He would've played Dudley's PlayStation.
They liked him.
He wouldn't shut up until they brought him.
His babysitter was busy.

Question 4:Put these people in the order Harry met them.
Hagrid, Lavender, Firenze, Ron, Snape, Voldemort
Lord Voldemort, Rubeus Hagrid, Ron Weasley, Lavender Brown, Professor Snape, Firenze
Ron, Snape, Hagrid, Voldemort, Firenze, Lavender
Voldemort, Lavender, Snape, Ron, Hagrid, Firenze
Firenze, Voldemort, Snape, Lavender, Ron, Hagrid

Question 5:What color is the stone anyway?
Blood red
Wouldn't you like to know.

Question 6:Who is the art director of the book?
Becky Derhune
David Saylor
Adobe Gramond
Becky Terhune
Maybe $50 would refresh my memory...

Question 7:All right. Year 2. It starts out on what day?
Harry's 11th birthday
The 2nd time Harry meets and talks to Dobby.
The day Mr. and Mrs. Mason come over
The day Harry first uses magic outside the school grounds.
Some time in August

Question 8:What is Mr. Weasley's car maker?

Question 9:What is the correct spelling of Voldemort's real name?
Voldemort... duh!
Tom Riddle
Tim Riddle
Tim Reddle
Tom Ridle

Question 10:Let's move to Book 3. Who is the "madman" on the loose?
Bellatrix Lestrange
I can think of a madman... *sneeze sounds suspiciously like 'Vernon'*
Spider- Man!!!!!!!!!!
Sirius Black

Question 11:What is Hagrid's hippogriff's name?

Question 12:What stupid moron got too close to Hagrid's hippogriff, causing him or her to get slashed?
Draco Malfoy
Draca Malfoy
I always thought Ron was a bit clumsy.

Question 13:Why did Black break into Hogwarts?
Just for kicks and giggles.
To kill Seamus
To kill Wormtail
To kill Snape
To frighten Ron

Question 14:How did they get under the Whomping Willow?
Hermoine performed a Freezing Jinx
Didn't they drive a car into it instead?
They distracted it.
It had a switch... that's a bit odd.
They took a chainsaw and hacked it apart. (Hee hee hee)

Question 15:Which one of these people did NOT get injured the night Black revealed the truth about Scabbers?
No one got injured, you loony!

Question 16:We're going onto book 4. It's HUGE compared to the other ones. How many pages are in it?

Question 17:Name these Weasleys from youngest to oldest.
Ginny, Ron, Fred and George, Percy, Bill, Charlie
Ron, Ginny, Percy, Fred and George, Arthur, Bill
Ginny, Ron, Fred and George, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Molly, Arthur
Ginny, Ron, Molly, Fred and George Bill, Arthur
Ginny, Arthur, Molly, Ron, Fred and George, Bill

Question 18:The Quidditch World Cup is coming up. I'm so excited! How many people can it seat?
10, 000
a million gajillion
1, 000, 000
100, 000
It never said!

Question 19:Who is the D.A.D.A.(Defense Against the Dark Arts) teacher this year?
Mad- Eye Moody
Professor Umbridge
Some Crouch Guy
That jerk Lockhart.
An alien from the movie Independence Day

Question 20:This is book 5, the most currently released book. I got butterflies in my stomach. So... why was Harry listening to the news?
Everyone watches the news, weirdo!
Are you gonna give me another made up number?
To listen for anything about Voldemort.
Uncle Vernon made him.
Because it made his aunt and uncle mad.

Question 21:Name these in the order they happened.
I dunno. Can I go home now?
Harry expelled, Dementors attack, Uncle Vernon lays a fart.
Dementors kill Dudley, Harry is expelled, Umbridge introduced.
Harry and Dudley are attacked by Dementors, Harry is expelled, Mr. Weasley sends Harry an owl
Um... First Petunia gets a howler, then... then Harry is expelled, and THEN Umbridge is um introduced

Question 22:When did Harry's hearing take place?
August 13
August 12
Friday 13... bring a horseshoe and don't even think about touching that salt.
August 22
The day Trelawney got sacked.

Question 23:Which of these people were not at Harry's hearing?
Percy Weasley
Mundungus Fletcher
Dolores Umbridge
Madam Bones... creepy name, if you ask me
The old lady down the street whose house smelled like cabbage

Question 24:What is Cornelius' middle name?

Question 25:Where was Mr. Weasley when he was attacked?
Department of Mysteries' hallway corridor
An unknown stone corridor
A jell-o mold
It didn't give many details
In a circular room

Question 26:What floor was Mr. Weasley on in St. Mungo's?

Question 27:Which one of these people did Harry not see at St. Mungo's?
Alice Longbottom
Frank Longbottom
Gilderoy Lockhart
Broderick Bode

Question 28:Which one of these people is not an animagus?
Rita Skeeter

Question 29:With, the exception of Umbridge, every D.A.D.A teacher has been in two of the five books except for one. That one is...
Remus Lupin
Professor Quirrell
Gilderoy Lockhart
Mad-Eye Moody

Question 30:Sniff sniff... who died at the end of Order of the Pheonix?
Ron... he didn't deserve it!
Malfoy... ha ha!
Sirius... I'm gonna miss ya man!
Rita Skeeter
Some Ravenclaw

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