Harry Potter books
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Harry Potter books

Nothing too difficult don't worry!

Question 1:   Basilisk is...
A cat
Hermione's cat
A great snake

Question 2:   In which year can the students go to Hogsmeade?
In the 3rd year
In the 4th year
What is "Hogsmeade"?

Question 3:   Ron's full name is...
We don't know!

Question 4:   When is Hermione's birthday?
15th April
5th December
7th September

Question 5:   Who dies in the 4th book?
Bill Weasley
Moaning Myrtle
Cedric Digory

Question 6:   The nickname Snafls was given to...
Peter Petigrew
Sirious Black

Question 7:   In which book does Sirious Black die?
In the 3rd book
In the 4th book
In the 5th book

Question 8:   In the first year Hagrid went to Gringots because...
He had to lay down something
He wanted 45 pounds
He had to take the Philosopher's stone

Question 9:   Who was not a DADA teacher?

Question 10:   The Chamber of Secrets is under...
The girls' toilets
The Big Hall
The kitchen

Question 11:   Dobby was the...
Dursleys' house elf
Dumbledore's house elf
Malfoys' house elf

Question 12:   Nearly headless Nick is the...
Slytherin's ghost
Ravenclaw's ghost
Griffindor's ghost

Question 13:   In the third year the DADA teacher is:

Question 14:   Hagrid becomes a teacher in:
the 4th year
the 3rd year
the 2nd year

Question 15:   Harry's birthday is:
10th July
23th July
31th July

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