Harry Potter Quiz - Pretty hard (Book 1-5)

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Want to check how much you REALLY know about the brilliant series? Take this quiz, but be prepared, some questions are quite hard!

  • 1
    What's the name of Mr.Weasley's colleague in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office?
  • 2
    How much was Harry's wand?
  • 3
    Which village do the Weasleys live in?

  • 4
    When does Mr.Dursley always pack up work?
  • 5
    Which shop is next to "Flourish & Blott's"?
  • 6
    Which shop is Draco Malfoy's mother in when Harry meets him for the first time?

  • 7
    Which wand maker made Viktor Krum's wand?
  • 8
    Ollivander's: Makers of fine wands since...
  • 9
    What's Neville's great-uncle's name?
  • 10
    What's Neville's great-auntie's name?

  • 11
    What was the name of Slytherin's seeker before Malfoy?
  • 12
    How many hits of a blunt axe did Nearly Headless Nick have to suffer through?
  • 13
    What was the name of the referee in the Quidditch Worldcup finals?
  • 14
    What's the name of the school Harry was to attend instead of Hogwarts?
  • 15
    Who told Ron Hermione had never missed a Muggle Studies class?
  • 16
    When is the fact that Voldemort is currently staying in Albania first stated?

  • 17
    Who states it?
  • 18
    How many Chocolate frog cards does Ron possess when Harry first meets him?
  • 19
    Where does the Knight Bus jump to when Stan spills hot chocolate over Harry?
  • 20
    Which hair colour has Tonks when Harry first meets her?

  • 21
    What's the number you have to dial to get into the MOM?
  • 22
    How many doors are there in the rotating room in the MOM?
  • 23
    What's the name of a leader of giants?
  • 24
    Which continent does Bill work on?
  • 25
    What's the address of Fred & George's shop?
  • 26
    Which Slytherin was seen putting his name into the GoF?

  • 27
    Which town do the Dursleys and Harry stay in for a night when they're fleeing from the letters?
  • 28
    Who was Ron's first wand from?
  • 29
    Which color is McGonagall's cloak the first time we see her?
  • 30
    How many staircases are there in Hogwarts?

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