The Basic Harry Potter Quiz

This easy Harry Potter quiz is for people who have just discovered the world of Harry Potter! But beware: The questions include ALL the books! If you want to take a harder test, search for "The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz," and just look for my handle, "Hello!"

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    Who does Harry accuse of trying to steal The Philosopher's Stone in Book 1?
    Who does Harry accuse of trying to steal The Philosopher's Stone in Book 1?

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2 hours ago
9/10 great test! I really love this one and the Ultimate test! Great work!
172 days ago
hello, fellow muggles soon to become a part of hogwarts...
i'd just like to advise you that dreams do come true so keep your head held high and keeps dreaming, you are amazing and one day that acceptance letter from hogwarts may be waiting in your letterbox.

- anonymous
317 days ago
Do any of you know the answer?
333 days ago
what is the name of the harry potter
362 days ago
Some very bad errors in your options. Please, see if you can do something about them. Great quiz by the way.
368 days ago
Love this quiz so my thing Harry potter is my fav
373 days ago
Love this quiz... So far i am a MASSIVE harry potter fan so when i see any thing harry potter i get or answer the quiz! 🍦x
385 days ago
385 days ago
green writing
393 days ago
harry potter rules. favourite character is Luna
458 days ago
I love harry potter so much
530 days ago
WRONG! harry and dumbledore thought they'd found the horcrux but it was a fake. also, the triangle stands for the invisibility cloak but the whole symbol stands for the deathly hallows. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. -:(
546 days ago
Luna is my soulmate.
551 days ago
Hi Who loves Harry Potter Me and what is your favourite character mine is Hermione 🥰
554 days ago
Well some Harry Potter fans have not read all the books so it was a bit of a spoiler but quit good
562 days ago
Its a good test for people who don’t know much about Harry Potter
566 days ago
Hi All, I'm a big fan of Harry Potter I've collected all the wands and watched all the movies and read the books.
I love JKRowlings books. Stay safe xx
575 days ago
Hi guys, it's Emma. I've been surfing the internet for good Harry Potter quizzes while I am self-isolating at home. I got 10/10 in this quiz and I'm not surprised. Stay safe
602 days ago
10/10 this is easy. Thanks for making it though!!!
662 days ago
that was too easy, even babies can answer it.