Are you a Harry Potter geek?

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To pass this test, you must have a vast knowledge of obscure Harry Potter facts no one really cares about. You have to either have read the books multiple times or have an amazing memory. I am warning you now: you may think you know Harry Potter now, but this quiz will redefine the "Harry Potter geek" .

  • 1
    Who broke the Vanishing Cabinet?
  • 2
    Who was Wendelin the Weird?
  • 3
    Who was commentator of the quiditch games at Hogwarts besides Lee Jordan?

  • 4
    Who's Archie?
  • 5
    Which name was used for 2 Harry Potter characters (besides characters specifically named after each other, like Harry's kids named after others)?
  • 6
    Who's Bob?

  • 7
    What's Snape's middle name?
  • 8
    Who was Florence Fortescue?
  • 9
    What was Antonin Dolohov's crime?
  • 10
    What was used as headquarters for the Goblin Rebellion?

Comments (20)


60 days ago
And @Esme and @Pretty Cutie Pumpkin Pattie, I read the Harry Potter books at least twice a year, and I'm almost 13, so...
60 days ago
I actually have read the books many, many times though...I started reading at age 4, and started Harry Potter in kindergarten. I'm not bragging, just stating facts. I was always late for school because I got distracted reading, so my mom eventually banned me from reading until I got to school. But then I got in trouble for reading under my desk.
147 days ago

There is an ice cream guy. He gave harry free ice cream in the books remember?
148 days ago
So, one: There was no 'Ice cream guy'! Also, it never says anything about a 'Goblin Rebel ion!' SO this quiz has been my least favorite hp quiz.
285 days ago
At least make the questions things they've mentioned. 6/10 and I go on MovieFlame everyday
434 days ago
For having only read the books, I feel 5/10 isn’t that bad.
760 days ago
yeet 9/10. well its not 100% but still I think I did good
821 days ago
I got 100 percent so easy
847 days ago
Question 5 makes no sence
860 days ago
Esme you cant say that your the biggest harry potter fan ever becauase you probably are NOT!
885 days ago
I totally agree with you Alicia but i was talking about it in the books

JK is amazing # love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
887 days ago

Yea there is remember he gave Harry Potter free ice creams and when he was shut down in book 6 he was upset?

You can't just say you're the BIGGEST. I've read the books like 20 times so you can't say anything...

(P.S. I got a 100% on the quiz)
892 days ago
There is a unicorn that needs friends commet suport the unicorn so the unicorn gets friends btw great quiz
895 days ago
Why do you speek about ice cream guys? Thankyou for the quiz!
994 days ago
I GOT 10/10💩💩 ole ole ya
994 days ago
I took two other tests of fan club and l got 10/10 In this test I got 3/10 This test is stupid Did that guy even read the book? THERE IS NO ICE CREAM GUY IN THE BOOKS
1029 days ago
OMG it puts a heart there if u swear.
1114 days ago
I am the biggest harry pottor fan in the universe so i obviously got accepted into the rank of hp geeks. I've read the entire series at least 10times so i know a lot of facts!
1160 days ago
what??? i got a 90%, i wasent so bad
1766 days ago
His name was Florean Fortescue not Florence and also it was the Prewetts.