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True or false quiz on various aspects of the Harry potter universe

  • 1
    Dolores Umbridge's middle name is Julie.
  • 2
    Molly Weasley's maiden name is Prewitt.
  • 3
    Arthur Weasley never gets promoted

  • 4
    Cedric Diggory created the 'Potter Stinks/Support Cedric Diggory' badges in the 4th book.
  • 5
    Albus Dumbledore grew up as the eldest of 4 children
  • 6
    Peter Pettigrew was missing a finger

  • 7
    The wand chooses the wizard
  • 8
    Daphne is the name of Voldemort's daughter in the cursed child
  • 9
    Hogwarts is in England
  • 10
    Minerva Mcgonnigal never married

  • 11
    Hagrid was expelled from hogwarts for opening the chamber of secrets
  • 12
    Professor Snape was the half blood Prince, with a wizard father and muggle mother
  • 13
    Mrs Figg is a witch
  • 14
    Vernon Dursley ran a company that sold drill parts
  • 15
    Harry and Ron flew in a Ford fiesta
  • 16
    Grindelwald went to hogwarts

  • 17
    Beauxbatons academy is in France
  • 18
    Ron's middle name is Bilius
  • 19
    Harry Potter owned a broomstick before starting at hogwarts
  • 20
    The lake in the grounds of hogwarts is home to a giant squid

  • 21
    Centaurs take part in the battle of hogwarts from the beginning
  • 22
    Aragog was an Acromantula
  • 23
    Professor Flitwick was head of ravenclaw house
  • 24
    Luna Lovegood married a grandson of Newt Scamander
  • 25
    Neville Longbottom became an auror
  • 26
    Hermione Grainger becomes minister for magic

  • 27
    Draco Malfoy names his son after his father
  • 28
    Clarence is the name of the Obscurial in the fantastic beasts film
  • 29
    In America at the time of Newt Scamander Wizards are allowed to marry non magicians
  • 30
    Harry Potter possessed one of the deathly Hallows from his second year onwards

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