Harry Potter O.W.L.s 🦉

This is the most realistic O.W.L.s exam you can find!
It has 100 questions - 10 questions on 10 different subjects. You really have to be patient for this test, guys. But in return, we can guarantee you that it is not too easy and will give you a realistic outcome. It contains information from several of the Hogwarts school books like "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", "Quidditch Through the Ages", and many others that Hermione, Harry, and Ron studied to ace their tests!
At the end, of course, you can expect an evaluation of your performance.
Good luck!

  • 1
    Topic 1: Defence Against the Dark Arts (DADA)

    Which charm can you use to ward off a Boggart?
    Topic 1: Defence Against the Dark Arts (DADA) Which charm can you use to ward off a Boggart?
  • 2
    How can you ward off the Imperio curse?
  • 3
    Which of these curses is not unforgivable?

  • 4
    Which of these items is not a Deathly Hallow?
  • 5
    Which of these spells is not a useful combat charm?
  • 6
    Which spell can be used to deal with Red Caps?

  • 7
    Which of these creatures that live underwater is harmless?
  • 8
    What is no way to deal with a Kappa?
  • 9
    What distinguishes an Animagus from a Werewolf?
  • 10
    What kind of danger do Augureys pose?

  • 11
    Topic 2: Transfiguration

    Which mathematical formula can be used to describe Transfiguration?
  • 12
    Which factor does not play a role in transfiguration?
  • 13
    What advantages does one have as an Animagus, over being transformed into an animal by another wizard?
  • 14
    How many Gamp's laws are there?
  • 15
    State the first Gamp's law!
  • 16
    Which creature does not transfigure in a direct sense?

  • 17
    What spell can you use to make things disappear?
  • 18
    What spell can you use to summon birds from your wand?
  • 19
    Which spell can be used to conjure flowers?
  • 20
    Which spell can be used to turn books into mice?

  • 21
    Theme 3: Potions

    Which ingredient does not need to be in the Draught of Living Death?
  • 22
    The strongest love potion there is, is called...
  • 23
    What is the final ingredient for the Polyjuice potion?
  • 24
    What potion can be used to elicit the truth from anyone?
  • 25
    What can be a side effect of the Draught of Peace if prepared incorrectly?
  • 26
    By whom was the Pepper Up Potion invented?

  • 27
    When do you have to take the Wolfsbane Potion?
  • 28
    Which potion is not suitable for healing purposes?
  • 29
    What is not an antidote?
  • 30
    What does not need to be in the Pepper Up Potion?

  • 31
    Topic 4: Charms

    Which charm can be used to hide entire buildings?
  • 32
    You can use the Soronus charm to magically enhance your voice, but which charm cancels this effect?
  • 33
    Name the charm required to make items fly!
  • 34
    The anticharm of Lumos is...
  • 35
    Incendio can be used to start a fire, which charm can be used to put it out?
  • 36
    What charm can you use to make people dance?
  • 37
    Which charm can be used to lock doors?
  • 38
    What is the countercharm to Engorgio?
  • 39
    Which charm should you not use if you want to erase a memory?
  • 40
    What does Levicorpus do?
  • 41
    Theme 5: History of magic

    The first very big shot of the International Wizards Association was Pierre Bonnacord, but he had a falling out with one country. Which one?
  • 42
    What magical items are the four founders of Hogwarts said to have left behind?
  • 43
    When was Gellert Grindelwald born?
  • 44
    What was the predecessor of the Ministry of Magic called?
  • 45
    When was Voldemort born?
  • 46
    Where did Voldemort's parents live?
  • 47
    In 1811, who determined what was a wizarding being, and what was a Beast?
  • 48
    Who was the principal at Hogwarts during most of Harry Potter's time there?
  • 49
    When was Albus Dumbledore born?
  • 50
    When was Harry Potter born?
  • 51
    Topic 6: Care of Magical Creatures

    What is the difference between a Griffin and a Hippogriff?
  • 52
    What kind of creature is the Loch Ness monster?
  • 53
    In which country are Kappas native?
  • 54
    Rate the danger level of a Kneazle on a scale between X and XXXXX! (X=boring, XXXXX=highest danger level, wizard slayer)
  • 55
    Which subspecies of trolls does not exist?
  • 56
    Which dragon race is the most dangerous?
  • 57
    By whom was the book "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" written?
  • 58
    What can you use the dung of Mooncalves for?
  • 59
    Which spell can be used to ward off a Letifold?
  • 60
    Where can you find Red Caps?
  • 61
    Topic 7: Quidditch theory

    When was Quidditch invented?
  • 62
    How many goal rings are there on one half of the game in Quidditch?
  • 63
    Which of these maneuvers is not allowed in Quidditch?
  • 64
    Since when have there been no baskets in Quidditch?
  • 65
    What else were the first Bludger called?
  • 66
    In which northern European country is the famous broom race held?
  • 67
    Who protected a Golden Snitch during a Quidditch match in 1269 when it was in danger of being crushed. (Hint: later, a snitch reserve in Somerset was even named after her).
  • 68
    In Quidditch, only the player who also has the quaffle may enter the goal area. This was not always the case, in the past several chasers would pounce on the keeper, leaving him completely unable to continue playing. What do you call this maneuver that is now considered a foul?
  • 69
    How many players from a team are actively playing Quidditch?
  • 70
    Which British team does not exist?
  • 71
    Topic 8: Herbology

    How can you defeat Devil's snares?
  • 72
    What color is the flower of the plant Moly?
  • 73
    For what purposes do you need wormwood?
  • 74
    Venomous Tentacula are unsaleable trade goods of class...
  • 75
    How do you squeeze the fruit of the Snargaluff?
  • 76
    What does the Mimbulus Mimbeltonia squirt when irritated?
  • 77
    Name one herb you can use to get webbed feet!
  • 78
    What do centaurs burn to divine the future from the smoke?
  • 79
    When must river grass be plucked to make it suitable for Polyjuice potion?
  • 80
    For which Minister of Magic did a Mandrake cause death?
  • 81
    Topic 9: Muggle Studies

    In which age were witches increasingly persecuted?
  • 82
    Which magical creature is most popular with Muggles?
  • 83
    When was the first toaster made?
  • 84
    Who is considered the inventor of the light bulb?
  • 85
    What was the name of the American president during World War 2?
  • 86
    What was the name of the British prime minister in 2015?
  • 87
    What is the name of the modern means of communication that Muggles use to communicate?
  • 88
    Which popular ball sport is similar to Quidditch?
  • 89
    Which popular food of the wizarding world is also available to Muggles?
  • 90
    In Russia, who was the driving force behind the October Revolution?
  • 91
    Theme 10: Astronomy

    How many moons does Jupiter have?
  • 92
    In which constellation is there the star Adhara?
  • 93
    Which is not a name of the star Sirius?
  • 94
    Which planet is the outermost in our solar system?
  • 95
    What is the diameter of Saturn?
  • 96
    What is a Mercury transit?
  • 97
    How far is the moon from the Earth?
  • 98
    How hot is it on the surface of the sun?
  • 99
    Which planet is not one of the terrestrial or Earth-like planets?
  • 100
    The moon Europa is covered with...

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8 days ago
ay yo whats up with the answer on
Question: 91
Topic 10: Astronomy
how many moons does Jupiter have?
the answer is 69!
414 days ago
This is a literal masterpiece. The effort that must have been put into this... I had 49 correct, so if i went to Hogwarts, my native language was English and the last time I have last read Harry Potter wasn't 4 years ago, I'd have passed sure as h€ll :D