Who said it? Harry Potter

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    Let's start easy who said It's leviosa not leviosar?
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    Who said ''Your just the same as me''?
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    Who said "Secrets and lies that's how we grew up"?

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    Who said "There's no need to call me sir professor"?
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    I am the half blood prince?
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    You don't know what I'm done you don't know what I'm capable of?

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    Guess who won won?
  • 8
    Who said "I wish I wasn't poor"?
  • 9
    My dear boy this is a omen of death?
  • 10
    I doubt it will make much difference unless there is a mad axe-man waiting outside to slaughter?

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1110 days ago
Hey guys, I just told my friend a really funny Harry Potter joke she dosen't even know Harry Potter. Here goes:

Me: Knock knock
Gemma: Who's there?
Me: You Know
Gemma: You Know Who?
Me: Having a severe case of ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing)
Gemma: I don't get it
Me: *Wiping off tears of laughter* Most people in the world of Harry Potter say You-Know-Who because they are scared of this evil guy named Voldemort- (suffering by another case of ROTFL and getting up again) And I said 'Knock knock' and you: 'Who's there?' And me 'You know' And you: 'You Know Who?'
Gemma: Oh.
Me: Got to stop off by toilet excuse me!
Gemma *Grabs her dog (Yes I had a playdate with her)* I'll get Harry (Name of dog) And Carmel *Grabbing Carmel, her other dog* Now, I'll bring them outside so we can play catch with them
Me: K.

XD, funniest moment on Earth