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When it comes to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, spells rule! Watching Harry Potter spells being cast, whether by Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, or by Harry Potter himself, is arguably the most fun thing about watching the movies. Wouldn't you agree? Take this spells quiz and see if you know a thing or two about the many Harry Potter spells, like the enlightening Lumos spell! Knowing the spells creates a tremendous sense of power - especially those Unforgivable Curses!

  • 1
    Which spell is Harry's signature?
    Which spell is Harry's signature?
  • 2
    Which spell allows the caster to see into the victim's mind?
  • 3
    What does "Anapneo" do?

  • 4
    In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which spell does Hermione cast to unlock the door on the forbidden third floor?
  • 5
    What does "Delitrius" do?
  • 6
    Which spell can make the target vanish?

  • 7
  • 8
    Which spell does Harry learn from Professor Lupin in The Prisoner of Askaban?
  • 9
    "Sonorus" does which of these to the caster?
  • 10
    Which spell had been cast on Voldemort's name?

  • 11
    "Protego Horribilis"...
  • 12
    Which spell did Ron use to turn Scabbers yellow?
  • 13
    Which spell counters "Lumos"?
  • 14
    Which spell did the Half-Blood Prince invent "just for enemies"?
  • 15
    What does "Episkey" do?
  • 16
    Which spell is cast to conjure the Dark Mark?

  • 17
    "Obliviate" was first used by whom?
  • 18
    Which Unforgivable Curse is known as "The Killing Curse"?
  • 19
    Which spell conjures a snake?
  • 20
    Which two spells were the last to be used in the Harry Potter series?

Comments (9)


76 days ago
Gem is correct, but maybe they did mean the movies like Loony said.
On a side note, i hated that they left the part where Harry repaired his wand with the Elder wand out of the movie. i thought it was genius, honestly, but i guess the producers felt otherwise:(
373 days ago
@Gem: you're right! But that's different in the movies than in the books. Maybethey meant the movies.
1007 days ago
Are you in any way Hermione's twin! You know these like the back of your hand! Congradulations on passing your O.W.L.S!

You have correctly answered 19 of 20 questions.
1007 days ago
I LOST it when it said, lights off!!
1104 days ago
I got 90. I got better on a spells test based on a book than on a lot of my school tests. I want to attend Hogwarts. I would get such good grades.
1104 days ago
Yeah Gem. I noticed that, too. Everyone who's read The Deathly Hallows would know that.
1678 days ago
Kaileigh can be used in web
1740 days ago
Yay 19/20! I thought I would get like 18 wrong. Lol I am a Hermione twin lmao.
2748 days ago
I think the last question is wrong--didn't Harry use "reparo" to fix his Phoenix wand with the Elder Wand in Dumbledores office--after his Disarming Spell (and Riddle's Killing Curse)?