How well do I know The Keeper Of The Lost Cities? Kotlc Quiz

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Wondering if your a real book fan well there only one way to find out take this QUIZ! well what are you waiting for just take it

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    Which councilor didn't want Sophie attending


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127 days ago
I got 13/14. I got #4 wrong because she probes Fintan's mind in Exile too!!! Spelling was horrible but overall I liked the quiz!
175 days ago
Spelling was horrible, but otherwise quiz was great got 14/14
228 days ago
for me sophitz=
228 days ago
lol da quiz was ez also the spelling was AWFUL. i got 14 out of 14
281 days ago
great test! I am a true fan! the only thing I noticed was that the one about Sophie and Alden going to exile was wrong.
363 days ago
There were a lot of grammar issues but overall, it was a pretty good quiz. I got number 4 wrong because she probed both Prentice AND Fintan's mind. Also, I am reading Legacy and Fitz is a total jerk in some of it. He always eyes Keefe and Sophie thinking they are something they're NOT. He should at least trust his girlfriend to NOT cheat on him. This kid has some trust issues. Plus, Keefe has always BEEN THERE for Sophie when she's going through hard times. Fitz just gets angry at Sophie for not telling him. I don't blame her. She probably knows that he will get angry one way or another. I WILL ALWAYS BE TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE!!! (Fitz doesn't deserve Sophie)
484 days ago
I adore KOTLC!;;They are so good, but my friend thinks they are ­čî╗. T.T
I got every question right. Yay me!
506 days ago
guy: "I created microsoft!"

Other guy:"I created apps!"
Shannon (what she should say): Boys boys pls. I created Keefe Sencen!!
506 days ago
im litterally rereading all the books for the 8th time!! i loooooovvvvveeeee kotlc!
582 days ago
Q:why do elves wear capes?
me:cuz they are annoying(cuz i allways feel like sophie).
735 days ago
I got 14/14. The questions were too easy. There were a lot of incorrect spelling/grammar but that's ok. Also, @IluvKeefe!!!, Tam absolutely DOES NOT have a crush on Sophie, he has shown no sign of liking her E V E R, but he has shown a few glimpses of his crush on Biana. And SoTam never was, and never will be a thing. They are an absolutely horrible couple, they have nothing in common, and they both have other love interests. Sorry! SoKeefe forever!!
752 days ago
Its Elizabeth not Elsibeth lol.
756 days ago
i got all of them right and I'm only on lodestar
786 days ago
You spelled Sophie's middle name wrong lol its Elizabeth not elisabeth
794 days ago
Wish there was ice blue...also, there┬┤s a typo-look below: ┬┤You did it your an official KOTLC Fan┬┤ should be ┬┤You did it! You┬┤re an official KoTLC fan!┬┤...just saying
794 days ago
You did it your a official KOTLC Fan

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810 days ago
14/14 baby!! I guess imma try fan after all!
810 days ago
On my gosh SHANNON!! you made my life so much better with these series I can't thank u enough!!
813 days ago
I got question 4 wrong but you should delete that because she probes both Fintan's and Prentice's mind in Exile.
822 days ago
Bruh!!! Pretty sure tam has an EPIC crush on Sophie... They are so cute together :) And Fitz.. He does not deserve Sophie. Who cares more about his vacker legacy and fame than his luv of life!!! btw WHY IS SO LITTLE ABOUT marella, linh, dex, biana and people like that!!!