Keeper of the Lost Cities

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Let's see how much you know about Keeper of the Lost Cities


  • 1
    Sophie Foster has brown eyes with blue flecks
  • 2
    Fitz Vacker is the FIRST ELF Sophie has met
  • 3
    Fitz Vacker first finds Sophie Foster in a museum while on her school field trip

  • 4
    Sophie and Dex get kidnapped from a cave
  • 5
    After leaping back Sophie and Dex are told that every cell in Dex’s body is fine except one
  • 6
    Sophie drops Bronte while trying to make multiple things levitate

  • 7
    Jolie was killed by the Black Swan
  • 8
    Brant is a Telepath
  • 9
    Lady Gisela is a polyglot
  • 10
    Kenric is pronounced dead on page 317 of Everblaze

  • 11
    Lihn Song flooded the Ogre king’s capital
  • 12
    Tam Song was from Exile.
  • 13
    Ro is Keefe's bodyguard
  • 14
    Sandor was inflicted by Sophie when she first met him.
  • 15
    Dex doesn't have a bodyguard after being kidnapped from the Neverseen.
  • 16
    Sophie has a massive crush on Keefe Sencen

  • 17
    Lihn is one of Tam’s triplets
  • 18
    Lihn was sent to Exilluim after flooding Atlantis.
    She is now known as the girl of many floods
  • 19
    Calla dies to save all of the gnomes from the Plague that the ogres released
  • 20
    Fintan, Brant, Lady Gisela, Ruy, Alvar, (Keefe),(Tam) have all been in the Neverseen

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40 days ago
I got 17 right! I can't believe that average is 17.41! This test was hard to me. Guess there are some biiiiiiiiig kotlc fans than me!!