The Lady of Shalott
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The Lady of Shalott

Answer the questions below and see how well you know the poem.

Question 1:What is in the fields next to the river?
Maize and corn
A kebab house
A space of flowers
Barley and rye

Question 2:Name two trees that grow on the river bank.
willow and oak
aspens and rowan
rowan and oak
aspens and willow

Question 3:Who heard the Lady of Shalott singing?
village churls
a shepherd-lad
Mr Westwood
the reapers

Question 4:What does the Lady of Shalott do all day?
watch the Magic Roundabout?
pick her nose?
dream about Sir Lancelot?
weave a magic web?

Question 5:Why can she not go out or look out the window?
there are no stairs in the tower
a curse is upon her
she has been bricked up in the tower
she doesn't want to

Question 6:How does the Lady of Shalott know what is going on outside?
she has closed circuit television
her maid tells her
she looks in a mirror which reflects the world
she uses binoculars

Question 7:What pictures does she weave in her web?
pictures of what she sees in the mirror
pictures of her holiday in Ibiza
pictures of Sir Lancelot
pictures of her dreams

Question 8:Who did she see in the mirror riding through the "barley sheaves"?
Sir Lancelot
King Arthur
Saddam Hussain
Sir Bedivere

Question 9:What picture was on his shield?
a red-cross knight kissing a lady
a red-cross knight talking to a lady
a red-cross knight kneeling to a lady
a red-cross knight scoring a goal for Arsenal

Question 10:What colour is his hair?

Question 11:Why did the mirror crack and the web fly out the window?
because the Lady of Shalott had been burgled
because the Lady of Shalott looked out the window
because Sir Lancelot climbed in and ravaged her
because she knocked it over when she jumped up

Question 12:Where did the Lady of Shalott find her boat?
in the Bargain Pages
in the boathouse next to her tower
at many towered Camelot
beneath a willow tree, floating

Question 13:Why did the Lady of Shalott die?
she had a heart attack as she was singing
her boat was swallowed by a whale
she was attacked by the villagers
her blood froze as she sang

Question 14:What did Sir Lancelot say when he saw her dead body?
she has a lovely face
cor, I bet she was a cracker when she was alive
she is beautiful
tirra lirra

Question 15:Who wrote the poem?
Lord Alfred
Lord Tenyson
Lord Tennyson
Lord Tennysen

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