Flowers for Algernon Test

This is a brief questionnaire on the novel Flowers for Algernon.

Question 1:Why was Charlie a good candidate for the operation?
He had a high I.Q. and wanted to become even smarter.
Ms.Kinnian thought that he was the best student in her class.
He was eager to learn and had a good motivation
all of the above

Question 2:What does Algernon do as Charlie works with pencil and paper?
Solve a lock test in order to obtain his food.
Observe Charlie while he draws a picture.
Find his way through a realistic maze his size.

Question 3:Which word(s) describe Charlie's feelings at the end of tests?
ashamed and worried
confident and satisfied
happy and excited

Question 4:What does Dr. Strauss bring Charlie at night?
a T.V. for sleep learning
a tape recorder
a mouse called Algernon
a book titled "Robinson Crusoe"

Question 5:Why is it important that Charlie finished a hard book?
it shows that he is getting more knowledge
his friends at work realize that he is becoming smarter
Ms.Kinnian learns his weak areas
it shows that his operation was a success

Question 6:How does Charlie's views toward Algernon change?
he starts to hate the mouse
he does not want to race with him anymore
both "b" and "c" are correct
he wants to become his friend

Question 7:What does Charlie think that he does not pass the tests?
he could never concentrate
he did not have a good imagination
he could not see the prints
he could not see any picture

Question 8:What did the people at work to do Charlie?
they tricked him and said bad words to him
they taught him how to mop the toilets correctly
they invited him to a party and did bad things to him
all of the above

Question 9:In what progress report does Charlie explain and talk about his operation?
in his first progress report

Question 10:What will happen in the future in Charles's life?
he will marry Mrs. Kinnian
he would have to undergo another operation
he will leave and go to New York
he will be sad all the time

This Quiz has been designed by Josh .