The Ultimate Sabriel Quiz
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The Ultimate Sabriel Quiz

This is THE quiz for the ultimate book! If you have read the book Sabriel, than try this test, and see if you now your Abhorsen lore!

Question 1:The author of "Sabriel" is......
Phillip Pullman
Garth Nix
John A. Keel
Dean Koontz
J.R.R. Tolkien

Question 2:Sabriel attends which all-girl college?
Western Light School For Girls
Aunden College
Abhorsen School
Wyverley College
Beliseare College

Question 3:What does Sabriel revive at THE VERY BEGGINING of the story?

Question 4:Sabriel's Father is know as what?
The Abhorsen
The King Of The Old Kingdom
The Clayr

Question 5:What does Sabriel recieve from her father?
His sword and bells
A sword and bow
A sword and a seeing stone
A sword and an amulet
A sword and a monkey amulet

Question 6:Ancelstierre and the Old Kingdom are separated by what?
The Wall
The Perimeter Fence
A line of whistles
Charter stones
The gate to death

Question 7:Necromancy is the art of.....
screwing corpses
Dressing like a goth
Raising the dead by a necromancer
Raising demons by a necromancer
Controlling the weather

Question 8:The first horrible dead thing Sabriel encounters across the wall is a....
Shadow Hand
Dead Hand
Gore Crow

Question 9:What is Mogget?
A dead thing bound in the form of a dog.
A stilken enslaved by the Abhorsen
A cat with the ability to speak
A Free Magic creature bound in the form of a cat.
Hedge the Necromancer

Question 10:Sabriel's father uses which bell to help Sabriel and Touchstone escape?

Question 11:A Mordicant is made up of which three things?
Bog clay, blood, and an infused spirit
Marsh mud, blood, and an infused spirit
Grave dirt, blood, and an infused spirit
A corpse, human blood, and an infused spirit
Oak wood, blood, and an infused spirit

Question 12:The seven bells of a necromancer from smallest to largest are....
Mosreal, Kibeth, Dyrim, Saraneth, Rana, Belgaer, Astarael
Kibeth, Astarael, Saraneth, Dyrim, Belgaer, Mosrael, Rana
Rana, Mosrael, Kibeth, Dyrim, Belgaer, Saraneth, Astarael
Rana, Kibeth, Belgaer, Saraneth, Astarael, Mosrael, Dyrim
Dyrim, Rana, Saraneth, Astarael, Dyrim, Mosrael, Kibeth

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