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Have you ever read Spellfall? Well, if not, you should and if yes, then take this quiz. Take this quiz anyway if you dare!

Question 1:Where does Natalie live?
Millenium Green
New York

Question 2:Where does Oq live?
Earth Haven
There is no such thing as Oq.
Who is Oq?

Question 3:What is Oq?
A cat
Natalie's friend
A soultree
Merlin's father
There is no such thing as Oq

Question 4:Why is Lord Hawk after Natalie?
He wants her to be the thirteenth member of his spell clave
She is his daughter and she ran away
She stole his magic wand and he can not take over the world with out it
Natalie accidentally killed his brother
He isn't

Question 5:How did Natalie's mother die?
She was in a car accident
Hawk pushed her in the river before the Opening
Lord Voldermort killed her
She was shot
Merlin killed her with a spell

Question 6:Who is Merlin?
A wizard
Natalie's brother
Natalie's uncle
Natalie's friend and Hawk's son
Natalie's cousin and best friend

Question 7:When is the Opening?
Natalie's birthday
April 23
September 4

Question 8:Who is in Natalie's family?
Brother Merlin, father Mr. Saunders, mother Libby
brother Tommy, father Lord Hawk, step mother Claudia
father Ferret, cousin Merlin, step mother Libby
Step brother Tim, father Mr. Marlins, step mother Julie

Question 9:What does Natalie look like?
Curley red hair, freckles
Short black hair, green eyes
Wavy brown hair, blue eyes
Streaked purple hair, magenta eyes
Long blonde hair, glasses

Question 10:Who is Jo, and who does she like?
Natalie's mother, Mr. Marlins
Natalie's mother, Lord Hawk
Natalie's cousin, Oq
Merlin's pet rat, Natalie's pet squirrel
Natalie's best friend, Tim

This Quiz has been designed by Natalie Marlins.