Howard Walker: Big Papa
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Howard Walker: Big Papa

This is a quiz about Howard Walker and the story. It will be easy if you've read the story.

Question 1:   Who does Howard want to hand the ranch over to when he retires?
John (his son)
Barbara (his wife)
Edward (his son)

Question 2:   What does Howard find Edward doing when he's playing hookie?
Playing cards (poker)
Picking flowers
Drinking lemonade
Playing at being a grownup (namely Howard)

Question 3:   What does Edward have a strange affinity with?

Question 4:   In Chapter 3 when Howard sees the two boys what time is it?
11:00 am
1:00 pm
10:00 am

Question 5:   What colors do two bad guys have in their names?
Black and blue
Red and pink
Black and red

Question 6:   In the novel what is 'this lady' not for?

Question 7:   What color is Snowballs shirt?
Red all over
Pink with red motif
Red with pink triangle

Question 8:   What were Snowball's last words?
"I'll be back!"
"You'll regret this!"
"God bless my mother ranch"

Question 9:   Where does Hilton come from originally?
Dixie - like all the other characters
North of USA
Outside of USA

Question 10:   Which two henchmen does MacNicholas have?
Mr Sparrow and Moris Johnston
Pink Night and Red Darkness
Adrian Nightfall and Snowball

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