The Discworld Quiz

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Do you know everything about Rincewind, Granny Weatherwax and all the others? Here you can find out.

  • 1
    What is the first Book in the Discworld Series called?
  • 2
    What is the name of the famous wizard college in Ankh-Morpork?
  • 3
    Who or what is the Librarian?

  • 4
    What kind of wood is the Luggage made of?
  • 5
    Who gets to know, that he is the Earl of Ankh in "Feet of Clay"?
  • 6
    What is the name of Death's horse?

  • 7
    What is Borrowing?
  • 8
    What are Twoflower's daughters called ("Interesting Times")?
  • 9
    What does Death call himself in "Reaper Man"?
  • 10
    How does the evil duke get killed in "Wyrd Sisters"?

  • 11
    What is the Duc in "Witches Abroad" really?
  • 12
    Who does Sam Vimes marry in "Men at Arms"?
  • 13
    What is Delores de Syn's real name ("Moving Pictures")?
  • 14
    What happens when Eric tries to summon a demon in "Eric"?
  • 15
    Why was Teppic sent to Ankh-Morpork as a child ("Pyramids")?
  • 16
    What is Ptraci's relationship to Teppic?("Pyramids")?

  • 17
    What is Granny Weatherwax's first name?
  • 18
    What is Nanny Ogg's first name?
  • 19
    What is the name of Nanny Ogg's cat?
  • 20
    Which adjective would describe him perfectly?

  • 21
    How many elephants carry the Discworld?
  • 22
    Who or what carries the elephants?
  • 23
    What is the camel in "Pyramids" called?
  • 24
    What threatens to destroy Ankh-Morpork in "Guards! Guards!"?
  • 25
    What is the god in "Small Gods" called?
  • 26
    Who writes the Discworld books?

  • 27
    Which of these isn't a Discworld book?
  • 28
    Where does Rincewind end up in the end of "Interesting Times"?
  • 29
    What do the people there call everyone?
  • 30
    And last but not least:
    Which of these sentences could be from Death?

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