Quotes from the Book Eldest

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See if you know your quotes from Eldest.

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    Who said, "O my daughter, I have wronged you!"?
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    Who said, "Our strength with magic grants us as much leisure as we desire."
  • 3
    Who said, "What treachery is this, Lady Nightstalker? Do humans break their word so easily?"

  • 4
    "The Ra'azac remain pupae for twenty years while they mature. On their first full moon of their twentieth year, they shed their exoskeletons, spread their wings, and emerge as adults ready to hunt all creatures, not just humans."
  • 5
    "The Obliterator. Because when you are in pain, nothing else can exist. Not thought. Not emotion. Only the drive to escape the pain. When it's strong enough, the Obliterator strips us of everything that make us who we are, until we're reduced to creatures less than animals, creatures with a single desire and goal: escape."
  • 6
    "If you value your life, never attempt it. Many years ago, several of our spell weavers devoted themselves to defeating time's enigmas."

  • 7
    "That's enough of that. Gaurd your tongue better, Baldor, or we'll end up in irons. And, Roran, don't draw attention to yourself again."
  • 8
    "After the Blood-oath Celebration. I have tarried here far too long as it is, but I have been loath to leave and Islanzadi wished me to stay. Also...I have never attended a Blood-oath celebration and it is the most important of our observances."
  • 9
    "Only a glass of milk for my boy."
  • 10
    "Tell Jormundur what's happened, then take your strongest magicians and hunt down this man. Capture him if you can. Kill him if you can't."

  • 11
    "But who, or what, do you worship?"
  • 12
    "Makes you feel rather small, doesn't it?"
  • 13
    "You're too late and too early at the same time."
  • 14
    "We do not fight in order to have epics written in our praise."
  • 15
    "Can you not even hold onto your blade, Rider?"

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