RA Salvatore The Dark Elf Trilogy

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Drizzt Do'urdens journey from the majestic darkness of Menzoberrenzen to the light of the surface world

  • 1
    Which drow child is to be sacrificed to the Goddess Lolth at birth?
  • 2
    Drizzt is saved from sacrifice because?
  • 3
    Drizzt has an unusual eye color. What is it?

  • 4
    As Drizzt grows and learns of the innate powers of his people. He perfects his fighting techniques and becomes an amazing warrior. What weapon does he choose?
  • 5
    What other than his eyes does Drizzt have that most dark elves do not?
  • 6
    As Drizzt goes into exile forsaking his wicked race, who wandered along with him in the deepest parts of the underdark for almost a decade?

  • 7
    Who kills his father? Thus forcing him to deny his heritage and sojourn to the surface?
  • 8
    Once on the surface alone and faced with the harsh reality of his heritage, the surface fears Drizzt and is unkind to him. Who saves him from a band of orcs with his amazing bow?
  • 9
    Mooshie and what animal harmonize together in battle?
  • 10
    Drizzt is trained by Mooshie the ways of a ranger and introduces him to what goddess of the forest?

  • 11
    Drizzt eventually manages to gain acceptance by the townsfolk for protecting the harsh and monster filled borders of what lands?
  • 12
    Who did Drizzt catch snooping on him on Kevin's Cairn?
  • 13
    What did Brunenor Battlehammer do with Roddy McGristles dog?

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