The Lorien Legacies Quiz

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Only true Lorien lovers will get 100% on this test... (no questions on the movie)

  • 1
    What is Number Fours human name?
  • 2
    Sam Goode becomes John’s best human friend... and does everything with him. Including...
  • 3
    On the Haunted Hay Ride, Sarah and John were taken by surprise when Mark James attacked their carriage. Then, when Sarah was taken, she was found....

  • 4
    When the school was attacked, what happened while they hid in the classroom?
  • 5
    Marina is desperate to find her chest, hidden by her Cepan Adelina. A young girl Ella finds it where?
  • 6
    While on a walk, Six and John come across:

  • 7
    John enters the Mogadorian cave, and after sneaking through using Six’s legacy via a Xithiris stone, he finds:
  • 8
    When Nine and John are in the abandoned cabin, Nine decides to
  • 9
    Hector is a friend of 1.______, whom he calls 2.__________.
  • 10
    Nine gets mad at John and holds him over the edge of the Penthouse roof after John:

  • 11
    After travelling to India, Number Eight is found, and according to the people of India, he is the Hindu God,
  • 12
    What did Eight destroy in attempt to stop his fate of being killed?
  • 13
    Where is Number Five found?
  • 14
    Ella is brainwashed by her grandpa Setrakus Ra... and during the huge battle in Mexico, she:
  • 15
    A new person develops Legacies... they are able to shoot rays from their eyes and turn things to stone, and this person helps John defeat a monster attacking them near Lady liberty... this person is:

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