How well do you know the Kane Chronicles?

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This quiz will ultimately decide how well you know the Kane Chronicles and only in 10 questions.

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    Who does Sadie Kane host?

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525 days ago
On the eighth question the right answer would have been Carter bc he is the one who rescued her from ber tomb in eygipt
779 days ago
Sadie and Annebeth meet in the Staff of Sephrois, so the answer would be none of the above.
1200 days ago
Seth is god of evil.
Aphosis is god of chaos.
1588 days ago
Nice quiz.

This is a few people, out.
1600 days ago
for number 5 Shu is the actual one who says they cant be together at the dance at sadies school in serpents shadow. Shu tells Anubis that he is forbidden from seeing Sadie, stating that Anubis has become entirely too close to this mortal.[1] Before being taken away, Anubis explains that gods are only allowed to have romantic relationships with mortals while in a human host.

The Staff of Serapis is actually where annabeth and sadie meet in.
i really enjoyed the quiz though great work.
1633 days ago
First of all, you spelled Aphosis wrong, it is Apophis.
Second, Apophis is SNAKE of chaos, Set is God of EVIL
Thirdly, Carter and Percy don’t even MEET Setne in the Son of Sobek, Percy, Annabeth, Carter, Sadie and Nekhbet defeat Setne in The Crown of Ptolemy.