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  • 1
    What colour are R.E.D’s eyes?
  • 2
    Who was Annabeth’s crush?
  • 3
    Who is not mentioned in HoO?

  • 4
    How many books has Uncle Rock written? (according to google)
  • 5
    Who is stronger?
  • 6
    Who “dies” at the end of BoO?

  • 7
    Who do we ship Jason with the most?
  • 8
    Who do we hate?
  • 9
    What so the first book called?
  • 10
    What is the greatest book series ever?

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302 days ago
First of all, questions 5, 8, and 10 are opinion questions. There is no right or wrong answer. I hate the misconception that Percy is stronger than Jason.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Percy has more accomplishments. Also, they battled in Mark of Athena and they had the same amount of power but Percy has had less training than Jason!"

You're right. Still, Jason is stronger than Percy. Or should I say, should be stronger than Percy.

You see, the only reason they had the same power level is because Rick is hugely biased. Jason SHOULD be stronger than Percy but guess what? Rick likes Percy more and it would be Gary Stu-ish if Percy was more powerful so he made them just as strong as each other.

Jason is a child of the literal king of the Greek gods. Not to mention Percy's powers are stretched way too much. For example, Jason can only control lightning and fly. Percy, on the other hand, can control water, speaks to sea animals, breathes underwater, make HURRICANES and can bloodbend.

So Jason should be able to control the people too (the human body produces electricity) or at least influence them, talk to eagles (Zeus' sacred animal), and fly much more easily since it takes Percy no effort to breathe underwater.

Jason is also supposed to be able to communicate with all animals that can fly, since Percy can communicate with all sea animals.

Octavian rant coming up next.

Octavian was written terribly. He has no good qualities, doesn't redeem himself, and he isn't even attractive. He was described as having blond hair, crazy blue eyes, scrawny, and skinny.

Meanwhile, the "good guys" are all drop-dead gorgeous (even Frank didn't look like a Chinese baby man anymore): Percy with his messy black hair and green eyes, Annabeth's tanned skin and stormy gray irises, Nico's oh-my-god-it should-be-a-crime-to-be-so-adorable-ness ... need I go on?

Even Reyna is beautiful. The antagonists in HoO are the only ugly ones.

Unlike Luke, who literally did nothing good except for died and was praised (for some reason), Octavian actually played a key part in Gaea's death/sleep. And while we're on the subject, Will should've pulled Octavian away.

Yes, he wanted to attack the Greeks but for good reason. If your sworn enemy appears and gets to promotion you were working towards for months -maybe even years- in just a week, wouldn't you be angry? And Leo tried to destroy New Rome, so Octavian has a perfectly good motive to attack.

And apparently "everyone should get a second chance" so why wasn't Octavian given one? Does that only apply to pretty people?

Also, for question 4 the number of books Rick has written changes every year or so. Plus, that has nothing to do with PJO.

Number 7 is stupid. Piper and Jason is the canon ship, so obviously it's shipped more (everyone is aware of Jason and Piper but not that many people know of Brason).

Question 2 is confusing. Annabeth has had crushes on both Percy and Luke, so please take Percy out of the possible answers.

Question 10 makes no sense. You asked what the best series ever was, and there were only 3 options: PJO, HoO, and PJO/HoO. Maybe people like PJO but not HoO, or they just like another series more.

Number 3: they were all mentioned. In Son of Neptune, Grover helps look for Percy.

In summary, please edit your quiz.
792 days ago
Number 3 is wrong cause all of them are mentioned.
817 days ago
personally I think Travis is stronger than both of them lol just my opinion