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Hey everyone. This is my Percy Jackson quiz. The quiz is based on the first 4 books and does contain spoilers so if you haven't read them and you don't want to be spoiled, leave!

  • 1
    Which god does Grover worship?
  • 2
    Which of the following is Annabeth's magical item, a gift from her mother, Athena?
  • 3
    What is Percy's sword called?

  • 4
    Who threw Hephaestus off Mount Olympus?
  • 5
    What color was the dress Aphrodite was wearing when Percy first met her in book three?
  • 6
    In reference to books one through four, who is the head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin?

  • 7
    Which creature is Percy's half-brother?
  • 8
    What is Percy's Pegasus named?
  • 9
    What is Annabeth's brother's first name?
  • 10
    Which Gods/Goddesses are the "Big Three"? (Easy one ;])

  • 11
    What is Sally Jackson's boyfriend's name? (Not Gabe considering he's statuefied or whatever.)
  • 12
    In book one, where do Percy and his mom go for
    holiday, before they are attacked by the
  • 13
    Who was the Lightning Thief?
  • 14
    Who did Grover go with in the labyrinth to find Pan?
  • 15
    Who was Daedalus's child who he tried to escape with and failed because the wax wings got too close to the ocean?
  • 16
    Who befriended and then betrayed Percy?

  • 17
    In book one, what is the name of the monster
    that came after Grover, Percy, and his mom?
  • 18
    Which mortal girl did Percy meet at the Hoover
    Dam museum in The Titans Curse?
  • 19
    When Percy arrived at Camp Half-Blood, who was
    the head of camp instead of Mr. D?
  • 20
    After a long while in the labyrinth, what
    Olympian goddess do Percy, Annabeth, Tyson
    and Grover meet up with?

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