Heroes Of Olympus: The Lost Hero

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  • 1
    When the book starts, Jason is on a bus. Where is the bus going?
  • 2
    Who turns out to be a storm spirit?
  • 3
    When Leo falls down the Grand Canyon, who rescues him?

  • 4
    When Leo, Jason and Piper get to Camp Half- Blood, a girl named Drew comments on them. Who is her mother?
  • 5
    To prove he is the son of Zeus, Jason does what?
  • 6
    Piper finds a dagger named Katropis. Who was its previous owner?

  • 7
    Leo finds a metal dragon and names him Festus. What does it mean in Latin?
  • 8
    Where do Jason, Leo and Piper go to find Boreas?
  • 9
    Complete the sentence:
    Ma Gasket lives at:
  • 10
    Medea's sun dragons were given to her by:

  • 11
    King Midas' son is also known as:
  • 12
    The Hunters of Artemis rescue Jason, Leo and Piper from what?
  • 13
    Before they rescue Hera, Jason, Leo and Piper rescue who?
  • 14
    Jason makes friends with a horse named?
  • 15
    When he gets back to Camp, Leo starts making a warship called:

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