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The Basic Redwall Quiz

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Test yourself on this awesome book by Brian Jacques! This series has 22 books but this quiz only covers the first book, Redwall.

  • 1
    Matthias is carrying a basket of hazelnuts in the first paragraph of "Redwall."
  • 2
    Matthias has a talk with Methuselah in the first chapter.
  • 3
    The grand celebration early in the book is to celebrate the Abbot's wedding anniversary.

  • 4
    While bringing home a couple of mouse families, Matthias meets trouble when a hay cart races up the road.
  • 5
    The name of the leader of the horde in the cart is Cluny the Scourge.
  • 6
    Cluny does not enter Redwall that night.

  • 7
    Constance threatens to throw a lantern at Cluny when he's about to leave Redwall.
  • 8
    Cluny departs from the grounds and never returns again, leaving the inhabitants of Redwall in peace.
  • 9
    Matthias finds Martin's sword in a snake's den.
  • 10
    At the end of the book, Matthias triumphantly kills Cluny by cutting the ropes of the great Joseph Bell, which falls and crushes the rat.

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