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129 days ago
rival power. Top of the line. 11 bullets.
Oh my gosh. :/
oh cool. ok
130 days ago
Oo nice! How powerful is the nerf gun?
You know our holiday? Well it was cancelled with 6 days notice. We really quickly found another place in Spain where we've been before, but it was 9 years ago. It was soooooo chaos
Started fiddling around with a public mc server on minehut. Almost finished
i found 2 randoms playing my ranked number game! But I only knew cos of the cloud data thing. Season 2 will prob end up releasing before I go to Spain
131 days ago
The kindle thing?
Oh wow lol.
hmm idk, maybe..
yes you were!
thanks! sorry that i could not respond yesterday, I was tired.
tricky on kindle.
ok, shoot!
Still in Pennsylvania, currently at granny and pappy's (mom side) today granny and pappy gave me a powerful nerf gun and film for my polaroid camera, and ive gotten a couple things within the past few days from my aunts and uncles, and at home i think mum and dadh have apresent for me. ill tell you what i got onxce i get home.
132 days ago
First message
That is one of the scariest things to happen to a man
Second message
Me lying awake at half 11
Thinks I swear James birthday was around this time
oke I banished caps lock
For your present I will give you my sleep schedul as it is currently rather late.
Did you get anything fun?
133 days ago
Ah ok.
I went to my bed wondering where my kindle was then I looked over to Ella's bed and I see it there, plastic baby doll on top, open, pen tip destroyed, praying the screen was not cracked..
133 days ago
In Cyprus, yea
Update on Saturday, it chucked it down. I am still damp
134 days ago
Uh oh, so you have to do stuff every day?
That's absolutely horrible. :(
I wish you luck.
135 days ago
I'm going to have a lot of nothing days before i go to cyprus, but after tht, EVERYTHING GOES DOWN
Yep. He was in school today, he looked so sad :( Doesnt deserve anything like it
I have to pretend to enjoy myself tomorrow. Going to a park with my aunt uncle and cousins. WHYYYYY
136 days ago
Yep! No lazy days here, but thats okay.
Oh no! Not the wrist, a whole arm?! He'll have to have a cast?
136 days ago
Wooo stuff is happening your end! Do you get one lzy day?!
It was a broken arm :((((
Tomorrow is last day of school!
137 days ago
Our cousins and family got here this morning! Sorry, haven't had the time to talk.. :(
138 days ago
it took us a bit to get back to shore. btw we went fishing after the boat broke. guess what? dad just got us icecream after dinner! we havent had any in ages!
138 days ago
Yea, basically. Oh no! Is he going to be alright?
138 days ago
in conclusion, you saw a lotta relatives and a boat broke down. That is infinitley more excotong then schoo, lol. My friend badly broke his wrist at football, which is rlly sad.
138 days ago
btw dads family still not up here yet
138 days ago
WE GOT THE CHRIS-CRAFT 1957 WORKING!! Or, so we thought. We were driving along, and slowed it down a bit. It missed every couple whiles, but we thought nothing of it. Wewent faster, when suddenly, in the middle of the lake, SP-PLTH-PLTHTTHHTHTH the engine sputtered to a halt. That was quite the adventure, just not the type I was hoping for.
139 days ago
Well, here is a sum of what has happened. So that first night when I said we would not make it there then, we stopped at a hotel for one night. Then we drove to Pennsylvania the next day, stopped at Poppy's for a bit, then got a hotel for 2 days. Still on this same day thay we left the first hotel, we went out to dinner with poppy. The next day (the 2nd day, aka we have to leave this hotel today) we did stuff in the morning and afternoon thay i forgot about then we went to poppys 80th bday party and saw all our family on dads side. Then the next morning we left for new york to see mums side, stayed a few days, had fun, left thiz morning and got to the lake where we are going to see dad's side of te family again and have some fun in the water.
139 days ago
Anything remotely intresting happen yet? Only new news is school finishes on friday, and I officially can not be bothered with grammar on a kondle kindle yes kindle
139 days ago
That's awesome, Ben!
141 days ago
I hit 250 subs, and released my online game! Plus my nan is round