The Hobbit test
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The Hobbit test

How well do you know J R R Tolkiens book THE HOBBIT? Take this test to find out! (some of the questions are hard!)

Question 1:Who are Bilbo Baggins parents?
Olo Baggins and Lilly Brandybuck
Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took
Sam Gamgee and Rosie Cotton
Kris Proudfoot and Selana Baggins
Gumbo Baggins and BellFlower Took

Question 2:Which of these Supper-and-Dwarves statements is true?
"Ale and eggs and bread for me!" cried Oin to Bilbo.
"And raspberry jam and apple-tart!" said Bifur
"Coffee and Bacon Please!" shouted Ori.
"Just Cakes for me!" stated Dwalin.
"Tea and scones!" called Fili and Kili together

Question 3:What were the colour of Fili and Kilis hood?
Filis was Red and Kilis was Golden

Question 4:What instrument did Thorin play?
a Scarlet Viola
a Gloden Harp
a light blue flute
a silver Trumpet
a brown Guitar

Question 5:At what time did Gandalf show Bilbo the Dwarves note?

Question 6:What were the three trolls names?
Willy, Bob and Tim.
Wart, Barf and Dirt.
Worm, Beetle and Tick.
William, Bert and Tom.
Wallace, Buck and Tuck .

Question 7:How many Dwarves were there?

Question 8:What was Bilbo considered to the Dwarves?
a Burglar
a pick-pocket
an expert treasure hunter
All the Given answers
a Bother

Question 9:How did the Trolls die?
Gandalf slew them
Bilbo slew them
They were turned to stone

Question 10:What was Gandalfs sword called?
Orcrist the Gobblin cleaver
Glamdring the foe hammer
Sting the Spiders Bain

Question 11:What was Thorins sword called?
Glamdring the foe hammer
Orcrist the Gobblin cleaver
Sting the Spiders Bain

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