The Hunger Games!

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How much do you know about the Hunger Games trilogy? Find out now!


  • 1
    What are the last names of Katniss, Gale, Peeta, and Haymitch? (in order!)
  • 2
    What are the names of the Head Gamemaker and president?
  • 3
    What are the names of each tribute from Districts 1, 2, and 11?

  • 4
    Who kills the girl who starts the fire on the first night?
  • 5
    What do Katniss and Peeta think helped Haymitch win the 50th Hunger Games?
  • 6
    When did Peeta fall in love with Katniss?

  • 7
    How does Katniss feel about killing the boy from District 1?
  • 8
    What must happen in the third Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games?
  • 9
    What does Katniss do when she hears the Quarter Quell announcement?
  • 10
    Why was Gale being whipped?

  • 11
    Who is the Head Gamekeeper in Catching Fire?
  • 12
    Who is the first old victor Katniss meets?
  • 13
    What is the arena like in the 75th Hunger Games?
  • 14
    Who is/was a part of Katnis' and Peeta's alliance?
  • 15
    Who is the president of District 13?
  • 16
    Why does Peeta try to attack Katniss?

  • 17
    Who tries to reason with Peeta that Katniss is really a nice person?
  • 18
    Why does Johanna freak out when she is on the Block, and it is flooded?
  • 19
    Who kills Prim?
  • 20
    Why can Katniss not speak for a while?

  • 21
    How many children do Katniss and Peeta have?

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16 days ago
Why has nobody read the books! The movies change all the significant details. The books are better than the movies because you can put the characters and situations into your percpective. And BTW who else specifically read these books when they were 12 because that is the reaping age :)
16 days ago
Beat that. But you can't so tie with that. Also, team Peeta, Gale, Finnick. I know most people here will just say team Katniss but I'm asking who you think she should have ended up with her. I think Gale because Peeta is too good for her. As Haymitch says, 'You could live a thousand lifetimes and still not deserve him.'
68 days ago
haha some of you, lol. You didn;t read the books did you. I'm not trying to be mean or judge, but both of those answer that you said were wrong were actually correct. This quiz was based on the books not the movie. btw the books are really good and u should read them. I just took the quiz again and it was just as enjoyable the second time around with the same results 21/21!
126 days ago
Hey guys! Right now I am making a fan fiction book about finnick on wattpad! Be sure to check it out it’s called The Trident-- a Finnick Odair story
242 days ago
264 days ago
???????, you need to read the books and watch the movies. in the books, peeta goes back to kill her he thinks they are wasting time arguing about it.
264 days ago
dudes, i m the ultimate hunger games fan.
306 days ago
I feel for you Sunflower. Yay I got 20 out of 21!!!!!!
644 days ago
I'm crying so hard right now cuz I just finished re reading Mockingjay and I'm crying so hard
796 days ago
YAY! I got 20 out of 21
1016 days ago
Clarisse that is what I understood too
1016 days ago
Actually Peeta killed that girl. At first the careers tried to but they didn't hear the canon so Peeta decided to go and "finish" her and a canon was heard . All of this was what Suzanne Collins describes that Katniss saw from the tree in the first night of the 74th Hunger Games...So...Peeta killed somebody...details are important ...At least that is what I understood...
1081 days ago
u should've specified which time by the talking question i thought it was when peeta choked her and peeta didn't kill that girl the careers did!!!
1124 days ago
Some of the answers were wrong
1521 days ago
17 of 21. Not bad with the fact I didn't understand everything because English is a foreign language for me.
1530 days ago
LOL @Kenzie did you actually read the books? Or just watched the movie? This quiz is based on the books (if I'm not wrong) and there are few things different between the books and the movies. Those answers you're saying were from the movie and the answers the quiz-maker's were from the books...
1743 days ago
1743 days ago
I thought this was GREAT!!!!! Very good questions and good choice of answers to chose from. Very good! :-)
1778 days ago
i didnt understand question 12 it was unclear i thought it meant elder not past tribute
1836 days ago
This quiz was terrible! At least two of the questions had no right answer. One of them asked what Katniss did when they announced the Quarter Quell reaping: the correct answer is that she ran to the woods and then came back to drink with Haymitch. The closest answer to that is that she went to hide in a basement and then had a drink with Haymitch. The other question was "Why was Gale whipped?" and the correct answer was that he shoved a Peacekeeper out of the way to prevent him from killing an old woman. There was nothing even remotely related to that in the choices. I don't know what this person was thinking, but they obviously need to re-read the books, watch the movies, maybe both.