FOTR(Fellowship of the Ring) True/False quiz

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Do you know the minute facts of LOTR? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    In "a conspiracy unmasked", Pippin reveals he saw Bilbo put on the ring
  • 2
    When Fatty Bolger blows the horn of Bucklands, it was the first time in a hundred-fifty years
  • 3
    The elvish translation of the word friend is "Brulin"

  • 4
    Elrond wants to send some of his own folk with the fellowship instead of Pippin and Merry,
  • 5
    Frodo sold bag-end to Otho Sackville-Baggins (Lobelia had died several years earlier)
  • 6
    Boromir suggests going through the gap of Rohan after Caradhras foils them

  • 7
    The fellowship of the ring splits up at Amon Hen
  • 8
    Strider cares for Frodo by using Elanor (kingsfoil)
  • 9
    Frodo has a corslet of Mithril
  • 10
    Gwaihar takes Gandalf from Isengard to Edoras

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