How much Elvish do you know?
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How much Elvish do you know?

Don't think this is an easy quiz....because it ain't.

Question 1:   How do you say 'Sit Down'?
Havo Dod
Havo Dad
Naga Hon
Natha Hon
Halo Dath

Question 2:   How do you say 'goodbye'? (Honestly, I think every LoTR fan should know this)

Question 3:   How do you say 'welcome'?
Mae Govannen
Mae Govannia
Mae Grovenia
Mae Gerenia

Question 4:   How do you say 'friend' (If you can't answer this, just stop doing this quiz and leave)

Question 5:   What does 'Arwen' mean?
High Lady
Rabid Lady
Beautiful Lady
Bloodthirsty Lady
Fair Lady

Question 6:   If Aragorn said 'Leithio i philinn!', what did he just say?
You smell like cheese
Fir the Arrwos
You are going to DIE!
I smell it in the air
You're late

Question 7:   'Nedin dagor hen ú-'erir ortheri. Natha daged dhaer' means:
300 against 10000
Food is good
You're late
What do you see?
They cannot win this fight. They are all going to die!

Question 8:   Legolas says 'I amar prestar aen'. What do you say
You evil freak! How dare you insult me.
You evil freak! How dare you insult my horse!
No, I don't have any goat cheese.
Hey....that's a Galadreil quote

Question 9:   Ada is your:
Mum or Mom for all those Americans doing this test

Question 10:   'Nad no ennas' means
You're my friend
Something's out there
What do you see?

Question 11:   'Estelio guru lîn ne dagor. Ethelithach' means
They are all going to die
You must go with Frodo
What do you speak of?
You underestimate your skill in battle... You will come back

Question 12:   Now....the last of the quotes I say a LOT.....What does 'lasto beth nin' mean?
Hear my voice
The Sea calls us home

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