The Botany of Middle-Earth, #1: Pipe-weed
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The Botany of Middle-Earth, #1: Pipe-weed

This is the first of a series of quizzes concerning the plants particular to middle-earth. They include questions about the uses, histories, alternate names, etc. about the plant. This only concerns plants mentioned in the Lord of the Rings although some of the answers may only be found in other books.

Question 1:Who was the first to cultivate pipe-weed?
Bodo Proudfoot
Daisy Boffin
Rorimac Brandybuck
Tobold Hornblower

Question 2:Where is the only place where pipe-weed grows wild?
The Southfarthing of the Shire

Question 3:What was the name of pipe-weed in Gondor and what was it valued for?
Westman's weed or Sweet Galenas, medicinal purposes
Leaf or Sweet Galenas, it's scent
Westman's weed or Sweet Galenas, it's scent
Leaf or Sweet Galenas, medicinal purposes

Question 4:What year did Tobold Hornblower (Old Toby) first cultivate pipe-weed?
1070 S.R.
947 S.R.
1170 S.R.
986 S.R.

Question 5:What were the three best varieties of pipe-weed?
Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, and Northern Star
Old Toby, Bree's best, and Southern Star
Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, and Southern Star
Breeland Leaf, Longbottom Leaf, and Bree's Best

Question 6:Which Hobbits first took up smoking?
The hobbits of the Shire
None, the tradition was started by the Butterburs
It is unknown who first smoked, but the art started before they crossed the Misty Mountains.
The Breelanders

Question 7:Who wrote the book 'Herblore of the Shire,' quotations from which I drew much of the information for this quiz?
Thain Peregrin I
Tobold Hornblower
Meriadoc Brandybuck, 'The Magnificent'
Elanor the Fair

Question 8:Who of the Istari took up smoking?
Gandalf and Radagast
Gandalf and Saruman
Saruman and Radagast

Question 9:Where is it thought that pipe-weed originated?
Near Harad

Question 10:Who was the first non-hobbit to smoke?
The books never mentioned
Barliman Butterbur

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