The Botany of Middle-Earth, #2: The Mallorn Tree
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The Botany of Middle-Earth, #2: The Mallorn Tree

This is the second in a series of quizzes on the plants of middle earth, this time the topic is the Mallorn tree.

Question 1:The Mallorns came to middle-earth from ________ .
They originated in middle-earth, Beleriand to be specific
They originated in middle-earth, Lórien to be specific

Question 2:How did they come?
They originated there, obviously
They were magically created by Galadriel
They were sent as a gift to Elrond
They were sent as a gift to Gil-Galad in Lindon

Question 3:Where was the only place where the Mallorn grew on middle-earth

Question 4:What enabled Galadrield to grow the Mallorn tree?
She came from Valinor
She had the elf stone and an elven-ring
She didn't grow them, Celeborn did
They were in Lórien when she took up her abode there

Question 5:In the summer, the Mallorn had ______ foliage, fall, _______, winter, _______, spring, _______.
green, red, no foliage, pink blossoms
green, yellow, no foliage, green
green, turning leaves, gold, yellow blossoms
green, gold, gold, pink blossoms

Question 6:What song refers to how Galadriel made the Mallorn seas grow?
I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew
Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen,
A! Elbereth Gilthoniel
Her song referred to the Elanor

Question 7:What colour were the trunks of the Mallorn trees?
White tinged with green
Like that of the Birch

Question 8:At what time did the Mallorn shed their leaves?
late fall
In the early spring
early fall

Question 9:The Mallorn seeds were given to Galadriel by:
She brought them from Eregion

Question 10:Did the Mallorn survive after the power of the elven rings left middle-earth?
a few did, most didn't
only in the Naith

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