Lord of the Rings THE NOVEL, NOT THE MOVIE!
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Lord of the Rings THE NOVEL, NOT THE MOVIE!

Are you a TRUE Tolkien fan? Or are you just a movie-groupie? This quiz is designed with questions that only someone who has read the BOOKS would get, and it was written by someone who loved LotR long before it was cool (namely, me).

Question 1:In Book One (Fellowship), who rescues Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin and Aragorn from the Black Riders and takes them to the Ford and Rivendell?

Question 2:What is the correct plural of "dwarf" when referring to one of Thorin's people?

Question 3:Why do the orcs and men who serve him call Saruman "Sharky"?
It is derived from the ancient tongue of men, in which "Shark" means "Sorcerer".
It is derived from the orcish "Sharku" meaning "old man".
It is a term of respect.
They don't call him that! They call him "my lord" or "my lord Saruman".
They think he's vicious.

Question 4:Which hobbit is reputed to be a friend of Tom Bombadil's?
Who's Tom Bombadil?
Farmer Maggot
The Old Took

Question 5:Who steals the Silmarils from Feanor and his sons?

Question 6:How does Smaug the Dragon discover that Bilbo, Thorin and company had help from Lake Town?
Bilbo accidentally tells him
Bilbo foolishly uses the nickname "Barrel Rider"
He guesses
Bilbo leaves wet footprints
He doesn't figure it out

Question 7:What does the word "Hobbit" derive from?
It is a made-up word that is never properly defined.
Its origins are largely unknown, however it is believed to be derived from "holbytla", meaning "hole-builder"
It is a word used only by hobbits themselves, other races refer to them as Halflings.
It is derived from the word "hobytlan", which means in an ancient tongue of men "hole dweller"
It is derived from "hobytan" an ancient elvish word which means "small in stature"

Question 8:Which dragon bewitched Nienel (a.k.a. Nienor), causing her to unknowingly marry her brother Turin and later cause both of their deaths?
Smaug the Magnificent
Ancaglaron the Black
Glaurung, the Great Worm of Angband
This never happened
Fauros the Great Worm of Numenor

Question 9:Which Elven-ring did Gil-Galad wear?
He didn't wear one

Question 10:How does Theoden son of Thengel die?
His horse falls on him and crushes him
He is killed by an orc arrow on the battlefield outside of Minas Tirith's walls
He is killed defending Helm's deep
He dies of natural causes
He goes insane and kills himself by setting fire to his oil-drenched body

This Quiz has been designed by Karen.