How freakishly obsessed with the Lord of the Rings are you?
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How freakishly obsessed with the Lord of the Rings are you?

Do you wonder why people stare at you like a monkey? Do you wonder why people make fun of Tolkien in front of you just to see you furious? Then take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:   Do your relatives ever compare you to any of the Lord of the Rings characters and if so why?
Frodo for my big feet!
Aragorn because I defend my friends.
Sam because I stick up for my friends.
Merry 'cause I eat alot.
Pippin because I'm stupid.

Question 2:   How many times have you seen the Lord of the Rings?
Too many times to count...
4 or 5 times I think.
2 or 3, it's not that great.
once, I don't like it.
Why do you want to know... STALKER!

Question 3:   Someone just called Sam stupid, what are most likely to do/doing/wanting to do?
You beat the crap out of the guy! No one disses Sam and lives to tell about it!
You yell abuse at the guy and tell him to suck a lemon!
You tell him to shut up.
You fart.
You laugh and joke along.

Question 4:   Have you ever listened to any of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack(s)?
Yes I own all three! I always hum the themes too!
I own one of 'em but I like other music too.
No, classic is kinda dumb.
What do you think I am, a geek?
No classical stinks.

Question 5:   How many times have you read the Lord of the Rings?
I lost count...
I read it a few times, it's cool.
Once it's not my favorite book.
Never, I will never submit to nerdness!
No I haven't.

Question 6:   Have you read the hobbit?
Yes, like LOTR it is very good.
You betcha!
I've thought about it.

Question 7:   Have you ever seen the animated version of the Lord of the Rings?
Once or twice.
No, that's from the 70's right?
No I heard it was stupid.
They made an animated version?
What kinda of a question is that?

Question 8:   Do you own any Lord of the Rings video games?
Yes all of them.
One or two.
I have the Return of the King one.
I think I might...

Question 9:   What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Organize Lord of the Rings related items.
Pack my favorite book (LOTR) into my backpack.
I sleep 20 more minutes.
I brush my teeth.
I read Harry Potter! (Get's hard punch in the face followed by a loud shriek of TRAITOR!)

Question 10:   Have you ever spoken or written in elvish or dwarvish?
Maybe... Don't call me a geek if I say yes! Okay I write in dwarvish perfectly!
I've tried but it's hard...
No, but I know people who have.
No... but I've read Harry don't punch me again! (run's away screaming)

Question 11:   Do you use dialogue from LOTR in your speech?
As much as I can!
Yeah when it's convenient.
Forget this!
Awww not more of this crap...

Question 12:   What do you think of this quiz so far?
It's awesome!
It's good...
I like it.
This is kinda geeky.
It stinks. Harry Potter! (some big guy approaches you angrily)

Question 13:   What is the worst part of LOTR?
Nothing it's perfect!
I don't like a few parts...
Well it's okay for the most part.
It's kinda dumb.
Everything! Harry Potter rules! (some guy calls the police)

Question 14:   Do you like Harry Potter?
No it rips of LOTR!
Yeah it's okay...
No it's incredibly dumb.
I love it! Why are there policemen here? Don't hurt me! HELP!

Question 15:   Who is the coolest character from the LOTR?
None of these.

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