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Okay, so it's not hard to remember one or two quotes from the movies. But how many can you recall from the BOOKS? Just to help you out, I'll write what book it's from (FOTR, T3, or ROTK)

  • 1
    "The road goes on forever, but I can't without a rest. It is high time for lunch." (FOTR)
  • 2
    "Here's my pretty lady! Here's my Goldberry clothed all in silver-green with flowers in her girdle!" (FOTR)
  • 3
    "Ai, ai! A Balrog! A Balrog has come!" (FOTR)

  • 4
    "A dwarf! That is not well! We have not had dealings with the Dwarves since the Dark Days. They are not permitted in our land. I cannot allow him to pass." (FOTR)
  • 5
    "Hi! There's that Ted Sandyman a-cutting down trees as he shouldn't." (FOTR)
  • 6
    "You have left the East Wind to me, but I will say naught of it." (T3)

  • 7
    "Strider is too poor a name, son of Arathorn. Wingfoot I name you. This deed of three friends should be sung in many a hall. Forty leagues and five you have measured ere the fourth day is ended! Hardy is the race of Elendil!" (T3)
  • 8
    "Lie down to sleep! Why of course you do! Hm, hoom: I was forgetting: singing that song put me in mind of old times; almost thought I was talking to young Entings, I did." (T3)
  • 9
    "And there is a great deal, too, that we want to know about you. We have learnt a few things through Treebeard, the old Ent, but that is not nearly enough." (T3)
  • 10
    "Good master, wise master, nice master! Good master! Then rest now, nice hobbits, under the shadow of the stones, close under the stones! Rest and lie quiet, til the Yellow Face goes away. Then we can go quickly. Soft and quick as shadows we must be!" (T3)

  • 11
    "Hail, Lord of the Mark! My heart is glad at your returning!" (ROTK)
  • 12
    "Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!" (ROTK)
  • 13
    Yes, the Elf warrior is loose! Just you show me the way up, or I'll skin you!" (ROTK)
  • 14
    "I know what you have to say, Frodo: you wish to return to your home. Well, dearest friend, the tree grows best in the land of its sires; but for you in all the lands of the West there will always be a welcome." (ROTK)
  • 15
    (This is the last one. Does your brain hurt?) "And that's the end of that. A nasty end, and I wish I hadn't seen it; but it's a good riddance." (ROTK)

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