Slightly difficult LOTR quiz!

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Have you seen LOTR and know lots of details about it, but just lack some of the finer knowledge? Then this quiz is for you!

  • 1
    What are the names of Arwen’s twin brothers?
  • 2
    Who rescued the hobbits from the
    Nazgul in the first FILM?
  • 3
    How many people are in the Fellowship?

  • 4
    What is the name of the pass over the Mountains of Shadow into Mordor?
  • 5
    Who is Faramir’s grandfather?
  • 6
    What does Fatty Bolger say to the Nazgul at Crickhollow?

  • 7
    What does hannon-le mean?
  • 8
    Which of these quotes is correct?
  • 9
    How many children do Sam and Rosie have?
  • 10
    On what date is Theoden killed?

  • 11
    Which wizard rank is highest?
  • 12
    What is Pippin’s real name?
  • 13
    Who destroys the One Ring?
  • 14
    What was Aragorn’s mother called?
  • 15
    What does Legolas say to Aragorn at his coronation?

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