The Silmarillion

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This is a quiz that will determine whether you know as much about the Silmarillion as you think you do.

  • 1
    Okay, let's start easy. Where was Finrod Felagund's realm in Middle-earth?
  • 2
    Who was the oldest son of Fëanor?
  • 3
    Who was known as the most proud and valiant of Elves Kings of old?

  • 4
    Who were the three elves that Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs slew?
  • 5
    Who stood forward as champion of the Valar against Melkor?
  • 6
    How many children did Hurin and Morwen have?

  • 7
    Who did Maedhros beg to shoot him?
  • 8
    Where was Turgon's realm before his people moved to Gondolin?
  • 9
    The son's of which Noldorin Lord were given leave to be in Doriath?
  • 10
    Who was Finrod hunting with before he found the Edain?

  • 11
    Who was Finarfin's second oldest son?
  • 12
    Who did Turgon tell Aredhel she could visit if she left Gondolin?
  • 13
    Celebrindal means .......
  • 14
    Ingwe was the lord of the
  • 15
    Who did Fëanor learn his skills of smithying from?
  • 16
    Who was Finrod's beloved?

  • 17
    Which was the largest kindred of elves?
  • 18
    Oromes steed was called what?
  • 19
    To whom did Huan belong?
  • 20
    Which of Maedhros' hand was cut off?

  • 21
    Who was also known as Felagund?
  • 22
    How many trolls did Hurin kill on Nirnaeth Arnoediad?
  • 23
    What gift did Melian give to Beleg?
  • 24
    Who did Ringil belong to?
  • 25
    Who was the first of the threefold race of the Eldar, the Edain and the Maia?
  • 26
    What name did Turin Turumbar give Nienor in Brethil?

  • 27
    Who prophesized that a star would arise from them selves and Turgon?
  • 28
    Complete. The Union of ....
  • 29
    Who slew Ancalagon the Black?
  • 30
    What weapon did Hurin use after the Men of his house were dead around him during the Fifth Battle?

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