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Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkiens primary work of the novel that this quiz is based on. from the Ainulindale to Akallabeth.

  • 1
    Illuvatar created the Ainur
  • 2
    There were only three themes in the Music of the Ainur
  • 3
    Illuvatar and the Ainur created Arda by harmoniously singing

  • 4
    Melkor created a verse of strife and discord within the Music of the Ainur
  • 5
    Melkor courted Varda and she rejected him
  • 6
    Melkor dispised his brother Manwe

  • 7
    The most powerful of all Ainur descended into Ea and later on became known as the Valar
  • 8
    Aule constructed the Two Lamps that Iluminated the world that were later destroyed by Melkor and scorched the Earth
  • 9
    Tulkas Estaldo scared away Melkor for a time away from Arda
  • 10
    Ulmo Married Uinen thus making Osse jealous and joined Melkor

  • 11
    Melkor corrupted many Maiar to his side
  • 12
    Yavanna created the Ents to protect the Forests from Dwarves
  • 13
    The First Elves were Imin and Iminye, Tata and Tatie, and Enel and Enelye
  • 14
    Melkor captured many Elves near Cuivienen and brought them to Utumno and mutilated them into a terrible form of life known as Orcs
  • 15
    Orome discovered Elves on a hunting mission in Middle earth
  • 16
    The three volunteers to go to Valinor were Ingwe of the Vanyar, Finwe of the Noldor and Elwe of the Teleri

  • 17
    On the way to Valinor Elwe got entranced by a Maiar named Melian and married her
  • 18
    The largest group of elves that took part in the great Journey were the Teleri Elves that later broke into several different factions throughout the lands of Arda
  • 19
    Ulmo provided the escorted Island of Tol Eressea to bring the Elves to Valinor
  • 20
    The Valar declared War on Melkor and imprisoned him for three agesfor the sake of the Elves

  • 21
    Miriel Serinde was the first Elf Maiden to die in Valinor
  • 22
    The Eldest son of Finwe was Feanor
  • 23
    Feanor means Spirit of Fire
  • 24
    Finwe took up a new spouse and had four other children.Fingolfin Findis, Irime and Finarfin
  • 25
    After Melkors released he started poisoning the minds of the Noldor against one another particularly Feanor and Fingolfin
  • 26
    Feanor was Banished from Tirion for threatening Fingolfin

  • 27
    Finwe was murdered by Melkor and the Silmarils were stolen
  • 28
    Feanor and his ilk slaughtered the Teleri in a Kinslaying and stole their ships to move on to Beleriand to confront Melkor
  • 29
    Feanor betrayed Fingolfin by burning the ships at Losgar
  • 30
    Feanor was slain by balrogs Year one of the First Age

  • 31
    Fingolfin and His followers arrived in Beleriand as the Sun came into the sky
  • 32
    Melkor left Angband and went to find Men to corrupt them
  • 33
    The language of Quenya was banned in Beleriand by Thingol because of the Kinslaying at Alqualonde
  • 34
    Thingol allowed the Noldor to have realms of their own in Beleriand
  • 35
    The first House of Men to cross into Beleriand was the House of Beor
  • 36
    Finrod Felagund found Men and came among them and befriending them
  • 37
    The Green Elves welcomed the Edain into their lands
  • 38
    The Second House of Men to enter Beleriand was House of Haleth
  • 39
    The Biggest Group of Men to enter Beleriand was The House of Marach
  • 40
    Aegnor Son of Finarfin and Andreth of Men were in love
  • 41
    The House of Marach became known as the House of Hador in the 4th century of the First Age
  • 42
    The Dagor Bragollach was fall of Fingolfin, Aegnor, Angrod and Hador
  • 43
    Beren and the Company of Beor Folk remained in Dorthonion while the rest evacuated the lands for safer territory
  • 44
    Beren's father Barahir was slain by orcs and Beren slew the party and avenged his father
  • 45
    Morgoth put a price on Beren's head to the equivalency of that of the High King of the Noldor
  • 46
    Beren and Luthien encountered each other in the woods of Doriath
  • 47
    Thingol sent Beren on a suicide mission hoping to be rid of him forever
  • 48
    Luthien rescued Beren from Sauron's dungeon and stole a Silmaril from Morgoth
  • 49
    Turin Turambar killed Saeros the Minstrel for challenging him and mocking his people
  • 50
    Turin Turambar Killed Glaurung and himself after discovering the treachery that Glaurung put his siblings through
  • 51
    Tuor son of Huor came to Gondolin by way of Ulmo and Lead by Voronwe
  • 52
    Maeglin loved Idril and tried to court her but she chose Tuor instead
  • 53
    Tuor and Idril had a son named Earendil
  • 54
    Gondolin fell because Maeglin betrayed Turgon for a promise for Idril's hand in Marriage
  • 55
    Maeglin plotted to kill Earendil until Tuor intervened
  • 56
    Earendil spent years in the mouth of sirion after the fall of Gondolin and had two sons Elrond and Elros
  • 57
    The Five sons of Feanor ransacked Doriath causing a 2nd Kinslaying
  • 58
    Earendil went to Valinor to plead with the Valar to help on behalf of Men and Elves
  • 59
    The War of Wrath was fought over the span of 40+ years
  • 60
    The Edain were rewarded the Island of Numenor for their loyalty to the Valar
  • 61
    Elros Tar-Minyatir became the first king of Numenor thus becoming Mortal unlike Elrond who chose Elfdom
  • 62
    After the year 1700 of the second Age Men were starting to disavow their faithfulness to the Valar
  • 63
    Ar-Gimilzor had all Faithful Numenoreans removed from Andustar and placed into Romenna where the Kingsmen could watch them
  • 64
    Tar-Palantir tried to denounce the evils that had befallen Numenor but it was too Late
  • 65
    Ar-Pharazon usurped Tar-Miriels power as rightful queen and became a tyrannical king
  • 66
    Ar-Pharazon defeated and captured Sauron and brought him to Numenor
  • 67
    Sauron corrupted the majority of Numenoreans and convinced them that the Valar were evil and Melkor was the one true God
  • 68
    Ar-Pharazon built an Armament and sailed to Valinor to assault the Undying Lands in the Year 3319 of the second age
  • 69
    Elendil and his sons gathered all faithful peoples and boarded them onto nine ships
  • 70
    Numenor was destroyed as a result of the Corruption of Sauron and Insurrection of the Numenoreans

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