Maze Runner Trilogy Trivia

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I love books and if you are taking this quiz I assume you love books too. I'm a complete fangirl and want to know about anything and everything in a book series I love. I particularly adored the TMR series and laughed, cried, died, and fought along with it. Here is a quiz to test your knowledge about the characters, places, and things about TMR series.

  • 1
    In the first 'The Maze Runner' book who said the very first line?
  • 2
    We all know the two famous lines Minho and Newt say "Be careful. Don't die." and "Great we're all bloody inspired." but who says the line right after Newt?
  • 3
    What job did Ben have in the Glade?

  • 4
    What is the number one rule in the Glade?
  • 5
    What object does Frypan reluctantly give Thomas to help figure the code to the Maze?
  • 6
    How long has Newt been in the Maze?

  • 7
    When does the supply drop come up?
  • 8
    What is the last word in the code the Maze walls spelt out?
  • 9
    After the Gladers are rescued from WICKED where do the rescuers tell them their parents are.
  • 10
    In 'Scorch Trials' all the boys get tattoos what does Minho's say?

  • 11
    How many days does the Rat Man give the Gladers to get through the Scorch?
  • 12
    Besides Teresa and Aris who else could Thomas speak telepathically with?
  • 13
    Who is subject A7?
  • 14
    Who does the lightning hit first in 'Scorch Trials'?
  • 15
    What did Teresa hit Thomas with when they met in the Scorch?
  • 16
    What is the first traumatic thing that happened in the first part of 'The Death Cure' (When they were taking out the Swipe)?

  • 17
    After flying away in a berg where do Thomas and his friends fly to?
  • 18
    Where does Thomas have to go back to save other Immunes?
  • 19
    Who dies at the end of the book?
    (Choose wisely my friends)
  • 20
    And finally, who lives 'happily-ever-after"?

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