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The Outsiders Ultimate Quiz!

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  • 1
    Start Simple- Why is Keith’s nickname Two-Bit?
  • 2
    Who portrays Bob the Soc in the movie?
  • 3
    Why does Sodapop smoke?

  • 4
    What is the name of the drive-in Dally, Ponyboy, and Johnny go to?
  • 5
    What does Ponyboy say in the book that Johnny can’t do?
  • 6
    Who’s tires did Dally slash?

  • 7
    Why did Cherry and Marcia not want to be with Bob and Randy?
  • 8
    What was Johnny doing when he got jumped?
  • 9
    What time did Ponyboy come home from the lot?
  • 10
    What did Ponyboy call the Socs

  • 11
    What did Ponyboy do after Bob was killed by Johnny?
  • 12
    What came down the stairs when Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally went up at Buck’s?
  • 13
    What did Dally give Ponyboy to warm him up for Windrixville?
  • 14
    What did Johnny do on the train to Windrixville?
  • 15
    What meat did Johnny buy for the sandwiches?
  • 16
    Who is the spy for the Greasers?

  • 17
    How did Johnny get fatally injured?
  • 18
    What was Darry wearing when the brothers were reunited?
  • 19
    What was the headline for the newspaper after the church fire?
  • 20
    At the rumble, what does a Soc do to cause Ponyboy a concussion and whipped from Soda

  • 21
    In the film, what was Dally’s last words?
  • 22
    Who screams in the film “He was only a kid!”?
  • 23
    Who does Ponyboy think is sorry for him being sick?
  • 24
    What did Soda receive in the mail that made him quiet all day?
  • 25
    What was the first word of Ponyboy’s essay?

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