The Pigman Quiz-Chapters 1-5
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The Pigman Quiz-Chapters 1-5

A mean word or put down can damage a person's self esteem quickly. Be careful what you say and do to other people.

Question 1:   The novel is told from what point of view?
First Person
Third person omniscient
Third person limited

Question 2:   John tells us that he was also known as
The Bathroom Bomber.
The Colossal Fruitcake.
The Superglue Fanatic.

Question 3:   John is a ____________________ at Franklin High School.

Question 4:   @#$% was used in John's writing instead of
people's names.
curse words.
people's phone numbers.

Question 5:   Miss Reillen was known as
The Cockroach.
The Cricket.
The Grasshopper.

Question 6:   John and Lorraine were enrolled in the following course during eighth period:
Politics in America.
Political Science.
Problems in American Democracy.

Question 7:   Which of the following description fits John least?
beer drinker and cigarette smoker

Question 8:   Which of the following description fits Lorraine least?
lacking in confidence
avid reader of psychology magazines

Question 9:   It really made an impression of Lorraine that Miss Stewart
stuck her mother in a nursing home.
would not talk about her mother.
kept her mother in the middle of the livingroom.

Question 10:   Where did John and Lorraine first meet?
In the cafeteria
On the bus
In class

Question 11:   The record holder of the telephone marathon was

Question 12:   Norton was also know as The Marshmallow Man because
he was as big as a marshmallow.
his favorite food was marshmallows
he stole a bag of marshmallows his freshmen year.

Question 13:   Lorraine posed as a ______________ when talking to Mr. Pignatti on the phone.
social worker
representative for a charity
travel agent

Question 14:   Lorraine's mother could best be described as
a fault-finder in Lorraine
a great support for Lorraine
a person who seldom talked to Lorraine.

Question 15:   John's mother could best be described as
a sloppy housekeeper.
an over-protective mother.
a germ freak.

Question 16:   Mr. Pignati's address was
1400 South Pear St.
190 Howard Ave.
1508 Pig Crossing Lane

Question 17:   Which of the following describes Mr.Pignati least?
Overly suspicious

Question 18:   Based on Mr. Pignati's mention of his wife, we can probably infer that she
is dead.
is on a trip and will return after a long while.
is hiding in the basement

Question 19:   How mush money does Mr. Pignati give John and Lorraine?

Question 20:   Mr. Pignati asks John and Lorrain to go to the

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