Paul Zindel's The Pigman
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Paul Zindel's The Pigman

Welcome Ms. Stelter's 8th grade language arts class. You guys are the best! Dobie cougars rule.

Question 1:What is the name of the high school that John and Lorraine attend?

Question 2:What does Bobo die of?
eating too many peanuts
a lion ate him for breakfast
a heart attack

Question 3:Who is the author of The Pigman?
Bill Salt
John Steinbeck
Randy Clasen
Paul Zindel

Question 4:What are the two 'exotic' foods that Mr. Pignati gives to John and Lorraine?
sushi and frog legs
Fritos and M&M
snails and chocolate ants

Question 5:What kills Mr.Pignati?
his mom when she finds out that he didn't pass Ms. Stelter's 8th grade L.A. class
Ms.Stelter's singing
a heart attack

Question 6:The personality quiz that Mr.Pignati gave John and Lorraine said that the boatman represents what?

Question 7:From who's point of view is the novel written?
Both John and Lorraine's

Question 8:To John and Lorraine, Mr.Pignati represents what?
the dark and evil
acceptance and love
the rich and famous
the ugly and old

Question 9:There are a lot of death images in the novel. Why?
John is afraid of dying.
John is a dark and sick person.
He never got over killing a mosquito.
He wants to own a funeral home.

Question 10:What do you think John and Lorraine realized after Mr.Pignati died?
Old people are just crazy.
Never eat bacon.
They should only have friends their own age.
Their life would be what they made of it- nothing more, nothing less.

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