Are you a School for Good and Evil Expert? Stage 2

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This is the real test for you to know if you are a master. It has multiple stages. This is the second stage. While easy, it is more difficult than stage 1, which you can find, by searching, "Are you a School for Good and Evil Expert? Stage 1". If you don't pass this test, you can't even be considered a 'fan', only a 'phony fan'. If you pass this stage, Google "Are you a School for Good and Evil Expert? Stage 3". These stages are for the real fans only!

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    What is Agatha's cat's name?

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540 days ago
The school master only said his name was Rafal in the 3rd book. We only knew him as school master until then
540 days ago
Nicola comes in the 4th book. Ever Never handbook is read after you read the whole series. Agatha's finger glow and is rose gold. It said Tedros' fingerglow is gold and he is the only one with a gold finger glow. Except for Japeth. Not Rhian because he didn't inherit Evelyn Sader's magic
1159 days ago
I love you @Briana The 🐬 SGE Lover, you are the only true fan in here!
1191 days ago
Am...It's strange cause i only answerd 2 questions hahahaha :-.I'm from Albania sooooo i can't write to much English Handwriting
1399 days ago
yea question 6 is wrong. She comes in in book 4. The Ever never handbook doesn’t count.
1408 days ago
Good quiz but I disagree with question 6. The ever-never handbook isn't really part of the series and Nicola comes into the story as a first year in the 4th book, so I think that should be the answer. Love the quiz tho. Also the school master is there all along, but only comes in as 'Rafal' in the 3rd book.
1436 days ago
to Kabab,
lol i do the same XD
1436 days ago
Briana The 😘 SGE Lover,
I'm glad you liked it! ^.^
and yeah the second question was just something that I remember Soman describing a lot XD, so I decided to include it ;)
1436 days ago
#wrong hi. just.. just... i have no words except look at the ever never handbook p. 274 (if u have the same copy as me) :3
1497 days ago
10/10!!! I expected it. I am a 🕊 FAN. But that second question though! XD
1534 days ago
This quiz was terrible. You should re-read the books again so that you can get your facts correct. Nicola comes in in either book 3 or four not the ever never handbook. #Not a fan of the School for Good and Evil TherealSGEfan
1572 days ago
It says Nicola came in in the Ever Never Handbook but I haven't read that so I didn't know at put Quests for Glory instead. I'm just gonna pretend I got that right.