The Ultimate Twilight Quiz

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Do you think you know absolutely everything about Twilight, and the two books after that? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Here's an easy question: What does Jacob ask for when he talks to Bella about the car he is building in Twilight?
  • 2
    What inspired Stephenie Meyer to write the books?
  • 3
    What was the CD that Bella used to help her stop thinking in Twilight?

  • 4
    What car was Edward supposed to use to get Bella to the prom? (Stephenie Meyer never mentions it in the book because it was a little too much in the end)
  • 5
    Now for Book 2! What did Charlie do one day when he couldn't take Bella's emptiness?
  • 6
    Where did Jessica and Bella eat after they watched the movie?

  • 7
    When did Bella open Edward's present on her birthday?
  • 8
    Who did Bella decide to meet after months and months of hurting?
  • 9
    An easy one: What car did Alice steal in Italy?
  • 10
    Now for the third book...Eclipse! (my favorite)
    WARNING: These questions will be extremely hard.
    What were the names of the three girls Jasper met that changed his life?

  • 11
    Why are gems (especially diamonds) so important in the vampire world?
  • 12
    What store did Edward recommend if Bella didn't like his ring?
  • 13
    How did Edward and Seth congratulate each other after defeating Riley and Victoria?
  • 14
    Okay, sort of random, but...What were the names of Jacob's twin sisters?
  • 15
    Who was the first known Spirit Chief in the Quileutes' stories?
  • 16
    What was so unique about Quil imprinting on Claire?

  • 17
    What was the name of the girl that Jared imprinted on?
  • 18
    What is Edward trying to protect?
  • 19
    What was the heart that Edward gave Bella made of?
  • 20
    The last question! How many of the Volturi meet Edward, Bella, and the rest of the family after the fight?

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